Sunday, March 25, 2012

Violence and Broken Honor

Designated ‘Fracture’ here.
Reporting in to ‘Whisper’ and associated underlings. I seem to have gotten through to subject 926. He’s talking again (Although back to constantly bitching would probably be more accurate.) and is back to his old self in general. It may be possible he’s even a little better for this experience but I find it unlikely. Patients like subject 926 are slow to change and adapt.

I must admit that my method wasn’t exactly medically sound…
Even still, all subject 926 understands is violence and his own broken sense of honor. As I cannot begin to understand the twisted contradictions of his code, I found I had to appeal to him through brute violence and angry yelling. I do hope it does not reflect to incredibly poorly on me. Rather than explain what happened myself I had 926 type up an explanation so he could show case the parts of the experience that meant most to him. Subject will most likely be angry when he finds out how I reported it back to you.


I was sitting there marking myself with a marker when it happened. I mapping where I intended to cut myself in an effort to recreate old scars. That’s about when I heard Fracture enter the room. I assumed it was Fracture at least. His footsteps were off and he was moving a lot faster than I had ever heard him move when he walked. Looking back on it, had it been someone who wanted to kill me I would have been slain. Those are all the non-visual signs of an intruder and I just couldn’t bring myself to care. I was too wrapped up in my own petty grief.

I heard him rush toward me. Still I did nothing. Not until it would have been too late. Not until I felt the sharp painful sensation of a sheet of metal being brought down on the back of my head with force. I was dazed but my training started to take over. Before I knew it I had turned to face my attacker holding my marker as though it was a knife.

That crazy fucker, he had bashed the back of my head in with a fucking shovel of all things. His casts were gone too. I don’t know why he picked a shovel. He wasn’t very good with it. I dodged every swing of it and returned it in kind by jabbing the marker hard into his ribs or gut. We went on like that till I had him back again the wall.

I started choking him. I could feel him struggling against me as he forced out words at me, angry words. But they weren’t his words. He was quoting someone at me, someone I once knew. They must have a record of the old pep talks my trainer use to give. I think they were his words. I loosened my grip on him and he continued to yell at me. Now he was using his own words.

He said a lot of things I’d rather not repeat. The gist of it was that I wasn’t a child anymore and that I couldn’t afford to keep acting like one, throwing fits and rebelling when I don’t like my orders and then moping around like an injured puppy when things don’t go my way. He explained that I could keep my rage and my scorn but that I needed to bend it into something more useful to ‘father’.

I suppose I will quote one line while it’s still fresh in my head. He was particularly passionate about it.
“For the love of god quit beating on your poor siblings because you’re a traitorous violent bastard. Your behavior is not a reflection of your peers.”

To be perfectly honest, what I summarized and what little I was able to quote is about all I got out of his two hour yelling session. I spent most of that one way conversation marveling over the fact that he came at me with a fucking shovel. Who does that? Seriously?

I suppose I should get back to work soon though. I bet I still have more tests though…
So I guess I’m pretending to be back to work so my loyalty can continue to be questioned.
That doesn’t quite have the same push to it.
Umm… to murder!


Short analysis: Don’t use a shovel next time. It’s apparently distracting.

Fracture out.


  1. damn, shrink. You've got balls to try that.

    Props to you too, Swan, for kicking his ass with a marker, hah.

    1. It really hadn't sunk in that I had kicked his ass with a marker...

      I suppose if you kick Fractures ass once you've kicked it a hundred times.

    2. That is one story-worthy ass-kicking though, hahaha.

    3. I said stop encouraging him. Seriously, stop it.

    4. How was I encouraging him, hmm?

    5. You're praising his efforts to beat me with a marker! How is that not encouraging?

    6. I was also praising your (failed) attempt to beat him with a shovel, wasn't I?

      I don't see the connection that you're making between "that was awesome" and "do it again," though.

    7. The connection is he found out it was awesome and is going to repeat it. You say "It was awesome." He hears "Do it again"

    8. The best advice I've got for you then, is-- don't let your ass get beat with a marker next time, haha.

      You're gonna have to take a level or two in badass if you want to keep pissing him off and living.

      Also, this is irrelevant, but I am a fan of your avatar.

  2. I'll try to keep that in mind...

    Oh and thanks. It's a twisted version of a character from my favorite book.

    1. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    2. Ahh. So it is a Chessie cat. Anyway, it's great.

      Keep your head on, will you?

    3. Never. If I did, he would only cut it off.

    4. /snicker.

      You're a funny shrink, Fracture.

    5. I'm glad someone appreciates it.