Wednesday, June 20, 2012


“Hello [Deleted].”

“Every time Fracture, every single time. Can’t let it die. One of these days someone is going to hear you and I will kill you. I will fucking bleed you dry.”

“Can we just get this session started, Mr. [Deleted]?”

“Bleed you dry!”

“I’m just going to assume that’s a yes… So where are we on your old little catch phrase?”

“My catch phrase, F?”

“Yes, your catch phrase. That stupid little thing you constantly used to say to justify your emotional disconnection.”

“I don’t recall.”

“I think it went something like, ‘Attachment is a weakness’, right? ‘I don’t miss my squad, such attachment is a weakness.’ ‘I had to give up moth, such attachment is a weakness.’ ‘I’m not sorry about what happened to Picasso, concern is attachment and that would be a weakness.’ … I think my favorite was that last one. You really had to start twisting your own words to make that fit. And I think you cried over-OWOWOWOW”

“Fracture, what did I say?”“That you’d kill me?”“Yes, I will skin you. Slowly. And then feed your skin to you!”

“You’re so afraid of your secrets getting out [Deleted].You're so attached to them. It’s almost like they're a wea-OWOWOW.”


“Calm down.”

[About 15 minutes of growling later, Duckie finds himself back in his seat and I find myself only mildly bleeding.]
“So… does that saying still hold true?”

“…True enough.”

“How’s Ember?” [This comment was followed by Duckie throwing a chair at me.]
“I can see I hit a nerve.”

“I think I’m done with this conversation.”

“Same goes for the squad you refused to send out for the first week you had them. Are you suddenly afraid of people dying on you? That sounds like a weakness.”

“Does this have a fucking point, F?”

“I just need to know if this is an issue or not. You’re not known for adjusting well to things… especially not to your own decisions. I’m not entirely sure how but I somehow predict this will also end in blind rage and your death. I’m just worried [Deleted].”

“Blah, blah, blah, threats. I hear you, ass. Are we done?”

“I suppose.”

[At this point Duckie walked over to his closet and pulled out shovel. I… well let’s just leave it at I left.]

I can smell your fear Duckie and that means they can smell it too. Tread lightly.
Fracture out.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

As the Flames Settle

So, about nine days ago I had never heard of a red alert before. It simply didn’t happen.

We’ve spent the last nine days hunting three to five red marked names at a time, each with a twenty-four hour grace period to get the job done before Master knows what happens. Yesterday I caught Fracture playing with his phone again. He’s been at that nonstop just about every time I see him. When I caught him going at it yesterday in the middle of my fucking hunt I finally took the damn thing and I snapped it in half. I left a little message for whoever the hell he was talking to.

About twelve hours later the red alerts stopped. I’m not entirely sure what to make of that.

Inconclusive, as Fracture may or may not say. I’m not too sure on that either. He’s been a super sourpuss since I broke his phone and isn’t really talking to me right now. I think I’ve missed that, the him not talking. It was nice have someone to talk to for a while but that got old. I’ve been enjoying Trent’s company in our precious little downtime; he just sits there and gets things for you if you point at them. It’s kind of amusing.

 I’ve been sending Firecracker on all the far trips. I don’t like being around her. Quite frankly I have a hard time not tackling her in a preemptive strike every time I see her. And not just because she has been hunting me on and off for two years, she looks like a fucking maskless and fuck those guys. Seriously, if any of you shitheads are still out there I will kill you if I ever find you. I will bleed you all dry and burn what’s left. So it’s good to have her as far away from me as possible until I get over that instinct or something.

Let’s see… oh. Here is another interesting note; Creeger was the only bolded name to have come up in all this time. I also don’t know what that means to be completely honest. I mean they happen from time to time but I don’t actually know what the bolding means.  Prioritizing beyond the red and yellow marks maybe? I know I’ve had the list for four years now but it doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

… Right! Creeger.
I gave Fracture the book I found and he never gave it back.  He said, this is invaluable and every time I’ve brought it up since then he’s informed me he was still working on decoding it. That was until I broke his phone. I don’t know where we are on that anymore. I just want to read the damn thing. Anyone driven to the point of booby trapping their entire house must have some incredible fucking stories… or have never heard of fire. How do they never see that coming?

God, I just keep rambling don’t I?
Here is the long and short of it, we got worked to shit and we’re taking the next few days easy in case the list freaks out on us again.

Nap time,
Swan out!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Leading is Hard

First off, I am impressed with Fracture. He seems to have recovered from whatever was in the cylinder rather fast. Granted I haven’t seen a lot of him around, he keeps sneaking of to somewhere. But when I do see him he is chipper and impatiently awaiting orders.

That brings us to the more title related topic; I’m struggling with this order giving thing. It’s kind of a pain in the ass. I realize the merits of team work and getting shit done faster and more effectively but when I look at my squad I really want to just tell them to go home and then hunt the marks myself.

I mean, what if they do it wrong? What if the mark gets away? What if they get the wrong person? What if they miss something important on the corpse?

Fracture tells me that it’s my job to train them to make sure they do it right. I was unaware leading them made me their mentor as well. That can’t be right. No one trains collectors. You get the list and you figure it out or die. That’s really what it comes down to. Besides, the idea of training my own replacement kind of sickens me. If I’m going to be replaced I’d prefer it be by someone who found the strength by their own merit.

In fact the more I think about it the more I think that is what this really is. They are having me train my own replacements. I want to go run the both of them through and see if either of them are worthy of that. I already know Firecracker isn’t. I don’t hold high prospects for mister never talks ever.

I… need to calm the fuck down.

So I’ve been doing all the hunting on my own. I think that was the point I was trying to get out. The list is getting out of hand though. Four red marked names came up last night, each with the same 24 hour time limit. That is insanely unheard of in my experience. I've never seen anything listed beyond a yellow and I certainly had lots more time to deal with the situation than this.

I can’t get all of them, they are too spread out. I think Fracture might have fucked with my list to create this situation. I mean he can apparently have my list locked out, I don’t see why he couldn’t fuck with its listings. I’m sending Firecracker and Trent to deal with the two out of town marks, Fracture is going to track one of our local names for us, and I’m going take out the remaining guy with the bold printed name. “Creeger.”

Fracture, I swear to god if I find out you are fucking with my list I will break your legs again.

No more time to waste writing.
It’s time to kill Creeger.
Swan out.