Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Swear to God this is Not an Act of War

So, the Phoenix branch has fallen

The City is still in a state of quiet chaos. Violence is on the rise. With the proxies out of the picture and no longer bullying local gangs and law enforcement into their perspective places, a huge power vacuum has opened. Every gang is making a grab to fill that gap including a few from neighboring towns and cities looking  to expand. While the Drug Cartel has always had a presence in Phoenix, they have shown up in force to expand their trade. Hell, ambitious cops are getting into it too, funny how quick a crusader turns to a raider isn't it?

And that's just the more obvious of the hell raining down on Phoenix. Its what you can't see that you should be worried about and I haven't seen anything from the other cults. I doubt they are just sitting back out of quiet respect for Truth.

In any event, I can no longer stand back and watch a once great holding get torn apart. 

We've begun buying up raided proxy safe houses under the guise of a legitimate business and are, more or less, renting it out to ourselves in an effort to disguise who we are. We have quietly been claiming undiscovered holding that were over looked for one reason or another and providing aid to any stranded proxies we've found hiding out in them and are making every effort to either absorb them into the Free Market or to transfer them to a new town and division to serve Father under a new oracle.

Since I have no idea if Truth is ever coming back, and if not how long it will take to get the area back under control so a new oracle can step in, I've been using everything we could recover from Truth's Tower to make some money to be saved and later put at said oracle's disposal should they ever arise. I've been setting aside the supplies we've been recovering for just the same reason. We will reclaim Phoenix, and if I have anything to say about it, the oracle that steps up to do it will have these funds and supplies at the ready to make sure the job gets done.

We've been trying to buy up shares to Truth's corporation but that's been proving difficult. While a fair few of the fallen did have stock, many of the bodies aren't turning up and those that are turning up aren't being identified. Could be as many as 7 years before their aliases are finally declared dead and anyone could stand to inherit those stocks.

As long as the Free Market is holding up in the area, we're gonna see if we can't lay low and sell off some goods to the warring gangs to make some money and keep on their good sides.

As a final note, I would like to reiterate that this is not the Free Market making a power grab. We are simply putting our foot in the door and keeping it open for the next Oracle.

--Sincerely, the Lord Guardian Fracture.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bounty Bomb

Ladies and gentlemen, Proxies and Runners, Assholes and other Assholes,
welcome to another wondrous random update from the Free Market from yours never, Fracture!

First up, as the title implies, I've done a few things to the Bounty Board.
Aside from a few, *ahem*, grammatical and spelling issues that I naturally had nothing to do with, I've uncrossed out Picasso's name. Turns out shes no longer dead and apparently never was, as impossible as that may seem after re-re-re-reviewing the footage of her bleeding to death in Moth's arms. I put off putting her back on the list for a long time but after a confirmed sighting from one of my own, it's similarly impossible to ignore that fact that she is alive.

Second up on the same front, Nightscream's bounty now reads that you will receive '$25,000' upon killing and presenting it's corpse as opposed to '25,000'. Apparently, this was an intentional oversight by the Oathbreakers when they submitted their offer to us to be put on the board. I suspect they were gonna stab who ever claimed the bounty 25,000 times as payment. You have my personal guarantee that you will receive money, not Death, should you successfully claim this bounty.

Last up on board changes, we have Arkady Svidrigailov. Hes a brand new bounty worth a whopping $100,000. He has been terrorizing Truth's Division and is wanted for the deaths of more than a dozen proxies, several runners, and numerous collateral civilians deaths. Hes threatened to burn the city he is in to the ground in order to purify it of all proxy influences and I have no doubt in my mind that the crazy son of a bitch would. Proceed with extreme caution.

Someone please bring the bastard down.

The Lord Guardian Fracture, out!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Suppose I've Stalled Long Enough

Sometime ago I declared a state of caution in regards to high tensions that had formed between the Free Market and the formal New York Division being handled by the esteemed Oracle Justice.

At the time the state of caution was declared, there was a very serious concern that tensions would boil over and a petty little war would break out between our collective groups. This was not something I wanted but was prepared for. It would seem, however, this was not what Oracle Justice wanted either. For now at least... I guess.

I would like to says I was the bigger man here but I wasn't. I had ten of their people killed following my declaration of caution.

I would also like to say that Justice was the bigger here bringing about this peaceful resolve but he agents killed ten of my men prompting this incident to start with.

So I will instead declare my stolen, mute, and increasingly sociopathic ten year old child the bigger man here. You truly were the bigger man that day Maggot. Truly.

Some of you may notice that the post revealing the state of peace on Over the Electric Grapevine is two  months old now. We have technically been out of a state of caution for two months now. We simply decided it was best not to mention it until now. You proxies are so very wretch less sometimes, no harm is keeping you on their toes.


In other news, the situation in the desert with Arkady was starting to concern me. So I've allocated some resources to the Oracle presiding over that region, Truth, in hopes that it will help bring down Arkady faster and prevent further loss of life in that Division. Father help them, they seem to need any help they can get about now.

Fracture Out.