The Fire Cult

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, this is a recruiting drive for very special proxies. While many of you spend your days in pursuit of runners and those foolish enough to come to their aid, a small minority of you know of the true threat to our Father and they know no true human form. I speak of course of Father's Brothers and Sisters, the Fears. Those of you who know no true purpose anymore, who lack direction, who have lost absolutely everything with only pure drive and passion to push them forward, we encourage you to join us in our fight for Father's dominance.

But do not be discouraged from joining if this does not describe you. Maybe you have a particular grudge against another fear? Maybe against another fear's proxies? Perhaps runners just aren't enough of a challenge anymore?

If nothing else, perhaps you are willing to stand as one of the very few functional forces that readily fights the Darkness. Blacker than any fear with a purpose more horrific than any evil, the ever encroaching Darkness is a monster slowly moving to envelope this, and in fact all worlds. It's countless victims torn from time and space, never to be seen again. Many, never to even be remembered again. Become a beacon of the fire and shine in the Darkness. Because a life lost to the darkness, is a life lost in every possible way.

Pursue true passion in a truly worthwhile fight, let the fire guide you!

- 'Torchlight' and 'the Fire'

          The Masks

Okay... so I spent like, I don't know, three hours with this big hulking black monster of a man trying to get him to pitch a recruitment drive to rejuvenate the mask cult but the son of a bitch doesn't talk and apparently three hours of pushing a microphone in his mouth and making dog call won't fix that. It just gets my microphone bitten in half, because fuck physics apparently.

'I'm a big black mute with bright glowing green eyes and I'll do whatever the fuck I want!'

At least, that is what I am assuming that stare is supposed to tell me. He could just want me to go gut myself. So I guess I'll make a recruitment pitch or something.

Do you find talking overrated? Do you have some freakish aversion to technology? Do you never take off your mask or do you lack a face? Is your personality about as deep as a puddle? Then the mask cult may very well be for you!

Where many proxies simply aspire to serve father for personal benefit, you do it because you know it is right. And you, being the ridiculous son of a bitch you are, take it one more step further! You imitate him and aspire to be more like him, to truly be a tool at his disposal. So bent to his will and his wants to stand as a beacon of his image that most people mistake you for a hollow when there is in fact a dangerous and violent mind still at large in there!

Join the Masks! Become part of an environment where it won't be expected of you to talk or deal with the evils of modern technology. We will actually work with you so you don't have to do those things. It's a place where we can make sure you can be the ridiculously zealous son of a bitch you are with out hindering your ability to serve!

Be devote. Be a Mask.

This message is in no way endorsed by the Mask cult because those assholes refuse to speak to endorse it.



Need help starting a cult of your own? Maybe we can help! Send us an E-mail detailing your cult, their mission, and any unique requirements and if it aids Father, or if the price is right, we'll give you a place on this page to advertise yourselves.


  1. I burst into laughter halfway through that second proposal.

    This is priceless. The Proxies actually have a hierarchy? I never expected THIS. I just thought they were a bunch of idiots running around in masks doing what "Father" told them to do.

    1. Some are, but people tend to group together and develop ideals and friendships and one thing leads to another and... suddenly proxy sub-cult.

      We can't all be savages.