Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Thought I was Better Prepared for This

Designated ‘Fracture’ here reporting to proxy ‘Whisper’ and associated underlings. We have a problem.

Subject 926 returned from his assignment a few nights back in a huff. He came in, threw a bag full of canned foods on the floor, sat down in the chair, posted his report, and then just sat there staring at a wall. It occurred to me that something was wrong after he hadn’t moved for three hours.

I started talking at him trying to coach him through whatever the hell was wrong with him but he didn’t seem to be listening. He just continued to sit there. At some point I realized his lips were moving though. So I leaned in to see if he was actually saying something.

“La, la la….”

That probably wasn’t a good sign. I was short on options in the way of trying to help him. Therapy does you a fat lot of good when you refuse to listen. So I started reading off updates from some of the other blogs hopping something would grab his attention and give me what I needed to get through to him. He didn’t really respond to most of it until I hit
Beneath Stone Skies. I got about midway through the entry when he sprang up, took the laptop back from me, and posted his little comment.

He still wasn’t listening though. After that he sat right back down and continued to ignore me… kind of. He continued to ignore me but he didn’t stay in his seat long. He started roaming around the motel room. He was seated for about 5 minutes, got up and listened to his radio for about 5 minutes, watched 5 minutes of TV, started cutting up the mattresses for about 5 minutes….

And he’s been going on like that for about a day now and is still ignoring me. He looks like shit as I’m not sure he slept or ate in that time. I’m pretty sure he’s having some sort of mental breakdown which is something we anticipated. I was unable to anticipate just how incredibly resistant to help he was going to be. I need to get through to him.

I think back on it and the only thing that really had any effect on him was the Stone Skies post and I believe that’s because it pissed him off. It kind of gives me an idea on how I might get through to him but I really don’t want to do it. I’m probably going to have to but I intend to stave that particular option off as a last resort until I absolutely have to.

Report over, ‘Fracture’ out.

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