Saturday, March 17, 2012

Please Don't Encourage Him

Seriously, the last thing I need is you assholes egging on that violent sociopath. I shouldn’t even be here. Subject 0926 should have been executed for half the shit he did. The rest of his traitorous deeds should have merited him getting his skin peeled off first, but at this point I would just settle for him being put out of my misery.

Oh, Fracture here by the way. That’s probably important. I’m posting on behalf of my host, stupid “ugly fuck”. Captain ass hat is out chasing his mark. I need to finish this before he comes home and notices I’m posting on his stupid little blog and breaks my ribs or something. He tells me he’s been eyeing the third one down on the left side which is incredibly fucking peachy.

Subject 0926 Early Assessment
0926 suffers from a marinade of personality disorders. Recent developments seem to imply that list of disorders is ever increasing.

Old Issues
Subject is extremely paranoid of those around him. He is paranoid to such an extreme degree that you cannot sit within arm’s length or make eye contact without getting slugged or worse.
 Subject is constantly on the defensive and never seems to take any downtime. I have a hard time keeping track of whether or not he is still in the house. He does not make noises when he moves. When I have seen him home, he comes in and immediately plops down on the bed. If he isn’t sleeping, he’s on this computer or eating.
Even his sleeping habits seem to exhibit a constant defensive state of paranoia as he does not sleep for more then 2-3 hours at a time. When he comes out of his sleep he literally jumps to his feet with his knife in hand braced for a fight. I find myself paralyzed when he does this. I fear movement may draw his knife to me.
Further defensive behavior is prominent in the way the subject handles our therapy sessions together. He sits there for the full hour and stares at me. At times his attention seems to be drawn to my chest. I think he is eyeing my rib. More progress is actually made in the 15 minutes following a session.

New Issues
Identity :
I don’t know who this man is. He certainly doesn’t look like subject 0926. 0926 was covered in scars from head to toe, the worst of which were on his face. This man’s skin is almost flawless. I was still unconvinced of his identity until I had spent time with him these last two days. He acts like 0926, he remembers 0926’s life, and seems to believe he is 0926. Regardless of who he may actually be, I must work under the assumption that he is 0926.

Death/Delusions of Grandeur :
Working under the assumption that this is actually 0926, I find it hard to believe he actually died. I find his explanation for his resurrection even more suspect. The subject claims that ‘the master’ not only killed him, which is the one part I would actually believe, but then immediately brought him back from the dead. When I asked him why, he explained with an analogy about breaking the bones of a cat.
“If you kill a cat it’s dead. It can’t be punished. But if you keep it alive you can make it scream and suffer. You can take your time and break every little bone in its little body. When the master was done killing me he decided I hadn’t suffered enough.”
The issue here is he believes the slender man cares enough to pull this kind of thing off. On some level he must understand how grand a claim this is.

Hallucinations :
Another reason I have a hard time believing this is really 0926 is how forth coming he has become. I caught him staring at a wall nodding his head. When I asked him what he was doing he explained he was listening to the children sing.
Me : “What children?”
Duck : “The children, the ones who are always singing. La, la la, la la, la la. La, la la, la la, la.”
He apparently suffers from auditory hallucinations. He claims it’s constantly in the background, that is gets quieter and louder but it’s always there. He’s says he’s jealous of other people because their hallucinations are more fun. They see things or hear screaming.
“I just hear them singing.”
I tried to ask him more questions about it but I seem to have lost him entirely for a little bit there.
“La, la la…”

Schizophrenia :
I’m unsure of this one but the condition lends itself to paranoia, delusions of grandeur, and hallucinations. The concern here is that this condition can be purely mental in nature but it can also stem from the brain decaying. He is going to need to have himself tested to determine if this needs to be treated.

Blackouts :
The subject has been suffering from blackouts. The trigger for this is apparently the act of killing. Be blames the slender man for this claiming this condition was inflicted on him in an effort to punish him for his disobedience. I believe the onset of this condition is what the subject was referring to when he originally reported in claiming his one love had been stolen from him following his ‘death’.
Given the fact that blacking out does not stop him from carrying out his kill effectively, I believe this condition is dissociative in nature. I believe the act of killing weighs far heavier on the subject then he lets on and when forced to face his own mortality following his own ‘death’ he disconnected himself from this part of his life.

Final Assessment
Is unchanged. The subject is still a dangerous sociopath and he’s going to kill me. Please for the love of god let me go home. Kill this man and be done with it.
Assuming that’s not going to happen though, he needs various brain scans and regular therapy sessions from someone else. He was gotten significantly worse since I first assessed him four years back and I have no reason to assume he will get any better.
I would also like it if we could confirm if this is really subject 0926. I am unconvinced.

There we go. I’m all done, yay done.
Typing with a cast on is draining. I’m going to go take a nap before captain ass hat gets back. I’m going to need my strength for when he sees this and comes after my ribs.


  1. Jeezus christ. I know it's your job, but Fracture, you are a hopeless douchebag.

    Of course, that's just from a schizophrenic who thinks your lot should all go stick your head in a pottery kiln.

    1. Facture is currently suffering from a concussion due to an incident involving a laptop being thrown across the room.
      I will be sure to pass on your constructive critizism if/when he regains consciousness.

      Stay positive.

  2. Heh...the state of Fracture is helping me stay positive, Swan.

  3. Are all proxies foul-mouthed? Jeez, it makes me want to be a hipster and clean up my act.. almost.

    1. Most of your comments don't merit a response. I find you petty and annoying. I do have one note in response to your comment in "Something's Off Here".

      I did not leave my fucking knife there.

    2. You find *me* petty and annoying? Oh gosh, I'm so flattered. Now I'll make sure I annoy you that much more. Protip: stop letting on that people bother you. It makes things worse.