Monday, July 1, 2013

The Call is Coming from Inside the House

So... something is a miss and my sniper is pissed.

Le Croix managed to clip her after her and Moth preemptively tracked her down while she was setting up to attempt to bring Picasso down.

I had thought at the time that I had just been getting sloppy and predictable as this was my second attempt to bring down Picasso with the same sniper but after talking with the sniper a bit afterwards it's come to my attention that we have a mole.

Snips does not like getting caught off guard. She claims she was very careful and the only way someone would have caught her given the circumstances is if they knew who to look for, or so she claimed. She did a lot digging, with my blessing, while she was recovering and she found something very interesting.

The day before Moth and LeCroix ambushed Snips and shortly before she arrived injured from the attack, we received a call from an unknown number to an internal private line within the compound that I had thought to be out of use. The line was connected to a device that I believe was forwarding calls to someone. It would seem the contact Moth referenced in that post is our Mole.

Unfortunately, I accidently destroyed the evidence moving the device. Apparently the room was outfitted with a few electromagnets that were carefully and maticulously placed in close proximity. Moving the device so much as an inch was enough to put the device in range of being wiped of any and all useful data.

That room also ruined my phone...

In any event, its clear someone within the compound is helping the traitors and has done who knows how much other damage to us.

There are only three within my loop besides me who should have been able to access that area... when I figure out which one of you did it, I'm going to rip off your arms and legs and sell you to a cult town.

Unless its you, Sloth. I have lots of special plans for you <3.

God I hope its you. I've been waiting to gut you for far too long.

Lord Guardian Fracture out.