Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cleared to Hunt

I do believe it’s time for an update. I wasn’t going to write another post until I had started on my marks but I was looking over old writings and realized I was updating every 2-3 days. Some idle habits are works of the master so it might be best that I don’t break tradition. Perhaps I’m being superstitions.
Bah. I’m rambling. I need to keep this short.
Hmm… idle rambling. I caught myself in a trap.

Moving on, I finished the stacks of papers. With this act I do believe I am officially a proxy again. Not that I wasn’t before but now my file should reflect this. I already have my hunting list. Not too surprisingly, I’ll be operating under the guidance of my old handler again.
I suppose I should be referring to him by his stupid designation, “Whisper”. I think mute might have been more appropriate. Because he refuses to communicate in any fashion, (speech, text, or otherwise) I’ll also be operating under the requests of interested overseers. Otherwise I’ll be moving across the states looking for people on the list.

I’m also being cleared to ‘take requests’. Cleared is such a funny term in their vocabulary because they use it when I have to do something. Apparently I’m obligated to take on the burdens of my brothers on the grounds that my sole duty is to steal their marks, which is odd because my solo job has always been to be the asshole claiming overdue marks. It’s possible they are trying to socialize me in light of my condition but it seems far more likely they’re still trying to kill me.
Oh well. I don’t foresee this coming up anyways.

On another note, because everyone in the circle I watch has at least mentioned this, some named August died. I really didn’t know him but I was happy to hear he died an angry death. I hope that fire lights his way.

In any event my list calls. Laters.

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  1. What a fucking a douche. Jesus, I'd have put your paperwork in triplicate for acting the way you do.