Thursday, October 31, 2013

Red Alert: All Hollow's Out

All abduction trained/able Free Market personal and good proxy Samaritans operating within a reasonable distance of New York, this is a Red priority alert. I repeat, code Red. Something has gone terribly wrong. All the hollows being kept by the Free Market in New York have been released and they've all worked themselves up into a violent state. Whatever is wrong with them, they aren't taking orders and they're assaulting anyone who gets too close to them. If they haven't already, it won't take long for them to draw a bunch of unwanted attention to themselves and to us by proxy.

I must request that anyone acting on this alert take measures to ensure that they bring in these hollow's alive with minimal harm to their person. These are innocent tortured shells of people we're dealing with, not rival Fear cults or runners designated for death. At the same time do not underestimate these hollows. They are acting extra violent and irrational and we're not quite sure what they're capable of.

As an additional warning we believe the traitors, and at this point terrorists, Picasso and company are on the ground floor in New York hunting hollow's trying to find Duckie. Their involvement in the hollow escape is unknown but given that they're already here and hunting its safe to say they knew it was gonna happen. Either they found a way to break into the compound or this was another inside job and we've a new traitor in the Free Market to weed out. Either way, act accordingly.

-The Lord Guardian Fracture

Monday, October 21, 2013

When we reach, we can fly...

...know inside, we can make it!

God I hate that song... catchy. 

Hello. Fracture here, finally. I'm actually starting to feeling better. I'm just trying to get the vision of a walking electrified corpse out of my head now. Those fucking eyes. I swear I can still taste eye goo.


But uh.... story for another time I suppose. I'm not ready to declassify that info just yet.

So in the meantime, here's a special little treat.

Does anyone remember when I acquired an Elf earlier this year?

He was one of David's victims. He was a member of a small band of proxies who got it in their head that they could take David and cash in the reward on his head. Kind of tragic really. I almost feel responsible somehow. Such an odd sensation to feel something you simply know to be untrue. 

They did, after all, know who David was. They knew what they were in for if they fucked up and I certainly didn't tell them to go. Such an odd sensation indeed.

Now, dear Legolas wasn't tortured like his friends were. Or, he wasn't tortured to the extent that his friends where. They were a rather horrifying mess. All he got was the forced front row showing of the slow and violent deaths of his friends, the being starved, the being fed his friends, and having to listen to the horrible wildcats sound track over and over again through the whole thing.

Oh, and his leg was amputated. That one was unique to him.

Now, that all happened some six or so months ago. We've had him in both physical and psychological therapy since then and I dare say he has almost made his way back to being a functional and capable individual. Mostly.

Hes still screams at night, he still freaks out a little if you sing the line 'we're all in this together', and he still struggles with walking some days but hes getting there. 

So, why bring him up? Because hes going to be the newest member of a group I'm about to declassify for you all.

Now these people have been operating on my behalf for a while now. They've been with me since I opened the fire cult back up. They are my personal troop of fire cultists and they handle missions for me when I need to make sure the job gets done. They hold a very prestigious position amongst their fellow fire culties and that's where the group got their unofficial designation from. The Fire Culties like to call them 'Fracture's Finest'.

Legolas will be joining this group as their personal driver and mechanic with a new designation: 'Wheels'.

So, why announce their existence? Does seem odd to show the card you've been keeping tucked in your sleeve doesn't it? Well its simple. As a threat.

Picasso. Moth. Ivy. I will send the Finest to hunt down and kill you. This is your last chance. Give up your insane quest and come home now.... Please.

Hasn't their been enough death?

Fracture out.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hollow's Eve

I bet you've been calling it Halloween for the last entirety or your life, fools. How dare you not automatically know a story told to Fracture by a now dead guy some twenty or so years ago.

I shit you not, that is apparently the source for this up coming tidbit. But lets immediately sidetrack ourselves for a moment.

This has nothing to do with Black Lake. While Fracture has been well enough to tell me how he wants me to comment for him, because I have been writing all his comments for him since he got back, he apparently isn't well enough to put together a report. Which sounds like bullshit to me. I swear I heard the son of a bitch doing jumping jacks in there the other night. Lazy sack of shit.

So I was digging through Fracture's various reports on rumors and proxy myths that didn't have a direct tie to Father and I found something seasonally appropriate for the month of October and I've decided to share it.

Can't have the blog going quiet while Fracture is slacking after all.

I must admit though, I kind of hope the following is true. I would squeal like an excited child if I could get my brother back because of Hollow's Eve.


Halloween. Or, as a dead man once explained it to me, Hollow's Eve.

I mean, Halloween is a day that naturally belongs to proxies. Honestly, any environment that encourages masks is a place where proxies flourish.

But supposedly, Hollow's Eve has some other significance to us. It used to be said that even if you were a proxy, that you had to watch for hollows on the days leading up to Halloween. Something about the month of October makes them become increasingly violent and autonomous. Some have even been known to start spewing half coherent gibberish, but only if they thought you weren't watching.

Supposedly on Halloween day proper hollows start acting on their own, abandon their pens and their squads if able, and roam city streets along side trick-or-treaters and gather in the woods. Its said that any attempts to try to stop them or bring them back will be met with violence and if you try to follow them and are stupid enough to let them lead you into the woods or some other isolated location they'll kill you on the spot. 

Although I don't think that pertains strictly to proxies. We've had mutilated corpses show up the morning after Hollow's Eve from both runners and civilians. People stupid enough to follow a quiet masked man off on their own. But naturally, its hard to prove that a hollow did.

Its also said that some hollows find themselves clear across the country. Hollows from New York would magically end up Los Angeles. I would have to assume they were accessing the path... and yet they never seem to use the path to escape their pens on Hollow's Eve. If you cage them up, they'll bang and slam against their prison but they'll never path out. They'll just keep screaming and banging against their cage until they tire themselves out.

Now, I know this sounds like a real shit storm but its not all bad. Its a day for celebration for at least one reason. Assuming any of this is true and not all mere superstition and coincidence, its said on Hollow's Eve that a select few hollows will 'wake up' when the moon hits it's 'highest point in the sky'.

That, 'those most(, or least depending on how the stories told,) worthy will find new life under the light of the falling moon.'

'They find the light of Day again. They find their minds and learn to talk and say again. Hollowed true with no memories or past share a new but presence enough to earn new memories and live a new life. Never what they were but once more sentient and alive.'

Or so they used to say.

And there was one more line the old man use to say that... it didn't quite fit with the rest of the speech. 

'They call to them, they sing aloud. They call the hollows, with whimsy sound. Melody of pain. Scream of delight. Sounds so shrill they cause dread and fright. Do not follow the entranced hollows, or what you hear will make you scream and shred your ears.'

Now, I'm pretty sure that had more to do with him making shit up to explain what happened to his ears because he didn't have any. His handler insisted he actually lost those to another proxy in an argument but that sounded like more hearsay to me.

Even still, I like to believe all of this is true myself but its hard to prove. Its all more or less rumors from now long dead proxies. Although, as a man serving a tall faceless monster god I try to keep an open mind.


Come back to me brother.

Devil out.