The Free Market

Originally written by the Lord Guardian Fracture, a Former Leader of the Free Market

What he said here still holds true and is a solid explanation of what the Free Market is all about at its core. Although its worth noting at we are changing as the times are changing. View our current ethics policy for more information on that and be sure to visit out fabulous store to cover all your worldly needs.

Modified by The Lord Betrayer Sloth on Sept. 14, 2014


Introducing the latest feature in sustainable proxy relations, the Free Market.

This is a real simple concept. Not all of you have the pleasure of Father’s personal touch. Not all of you get your orders right from the big guy and you might be better off for it, but that makes it real hard to know what he wants doesn’t it?

Who can you kill? Who can’t you kill? Who should you be stalking? Should you be working with someone or are you supposed to be going it alone? What should you be doing to ensure you are on Father’s good side so you don’t end up impaled on a tree?

We can help you with all of these questions and more, Just Ask.

You request an assignment and I’ll find you something to do in your area. You fill out a short form online and once we confirm that you completed the assignment, we’ll pay you.

Not a lot. Enough to feed yourself, wash out your blood stained clothes, get some steel to sharpen the ol’knife a little. Most of you are probably more accustomed to greater pay offs but hey, no paperwork right?


As an added incentive, as you complete jobs for us you’ll earn what I’m calling ‘proxy points’. Think of it as show of how valuable you are to us. When you do well, we give you them and when you do badly we take them away.

The more points you have, the better qualified you are, in our eyes at least. Better qualified means better and more important jobs. More important jobs means more money.

But it doesn’t stop there.

As a one stop shop for all your proxy needs, we are offering anything you could possibly need to do fathers work: Knives, guns, masks, rope, cars, housing, clothes, costumes, places to dump bodies. You name it.

Not that any of it will be free. Once again, tradeoffs. You’ll need to earn the money first. And of course we can’t just give this shit away to anyone. Most items have a proxy point minimum requirement to qualify for purchase. Once again, nothing you can’t earn.

Does that seem complicated? It’s not.

Message me with a request for work. I’ll give you work. You’ll get money and ‘proxy points’. The more proxy points you get, the more money you can earn, the more jobs we’ll give you, and the more we’ll let you buy from us.

Don’t like keeping money on you? We can create an account for you to keep your money in to be sent to you upon request for a fee. Nothing steep, a few bucks each time.

So if you’re struggling on your own and need help serving Father, shoot me an e-mail and give the ‘Free Market’ a try. We’ll help keep you in Father’s good graces. 

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