Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sing to Me Songs of Darkness

So I may better love my light.

And with it cast hope on a thousand nameless faces,
so I may better know their plight.

Its only right.

                                                                                                                      -Orignal Draft by Je-Ji-Jack

                                                                                                                       Edited by Maggot.
(Apparently there was 7 instances of the term                        
 'Fucking' in the original draft.)                                           


Lets take a peek into one of my cells...

"NO! You fuck off traitor! No wait, get CLOSER. I want to GOUGE your eyes out!"

"Shhh, Shh, Shhh.... calm down doll face."

"DOLL face? Is that a crack at my FACE?!" screamed Picasso as she slammed herself hard against the bars of her cell, reaching out as far as she could at grasping at the air to try to grab Helrick. Helrick, startled by the violent outburst, back up against the wall behind him to get away from her. "Stop MOVING you fucking COWARD! I'm gonna rip your THROAT out!"

"Stop it! Calm down. Keep it down!" he said looking around nervously, worried that all the noise might have already drawn too much attention to him. He was, after all, not supposed to be down there. "I meant it as a good thing! You have a pretty face, like a little doll you might buy at a toy store or something."

The statement made Picasso stop in her place. After a moments pause, she pulled her arm back into her cell and gave Helrick an angry look. "My face is NOT little," she huffed.

"But it is pretty..." said Helrick giving her a confused look.

"NO its NOT! Its all... mask face... and SHIT..."

"Your beauty shines through those pieces of mask. That's just how gorgeous you really are," said Helrick, stupidly reaching though the bars to put his not claw hand on the piece of mask that covered her cheek. And for a moment, Picasso looked take back by this as she brought her hand up to meet his hand. Then she screamed and grabbed his wrist and threw all her weight back backward, slamming Helrick hard against the cell bars. He fell hard on his ass and scrambled back away from her to safety. 

I could see he took this as rejection, but knowing Picasso as well as I do if she wasn't moved by his advances she probably would have snapped his neck.

"Fuck," whined Helrick, grasping his head with his good hand where it had been slammed against the bars.

"FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. You don't get to try to make nice with me after ABANDONING ME, siding with FUCK FACE, and then BETRAYING AND KIDNAPPING ME."

"Picasso," he said groaning and then pushing himself to his feet. "What I did is for the best. You need help. You're sick. Fracture can help you."


"What... is... you're making the noise wrong. Its Bahahahw. You have to reverberate the-"

"FUCK YOU, I know what sound a sheep makes. I can hear YOU talking. BAW is what I hear. BAWWW."

"Right... Picasso. Hes gonna help you, and when you're better-"

"Hes not gonna HELP me. Hes gonna REPROGRAM me. Hes gonna bring whisper in, and they're gonna take me to the fucking WHITE room and then do his MIND FUCK thing and make me into an OBEDIENT little doll again. And its gonna be YOUR fucking FAULT. YOU. YOU HAVE DONE THIS TO ME. Hes gonna hollow me out and fill me with fluff like a FUCKING POSSUM and use me for a  FUCKING PAPER weight because YOU fucking BETRAYED ME."

"... When you're better-"

"I WON'T be."

"I'll make this all up to you. I promise."

"Helly, when this fails and I break out of here, I'M GOING TO KILL YOU."

"When this works and you're better-"

"THEN I'LL STILL FUCKING KILL YOU!" she said slamming herself against the bars again and grasping at Helrick once more. Helrick jumped back out of her reach and sighed, shaking his head before giving up and leaving.

"I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!" called Picasso after him, jumping on the bars to her cell door and shaking the door like a lunatic.


Picasso and Moth are so convinced I did this to her on purpose. That I'm some sort of monster. But I'm not. I, like them, am just a... little unique.

I am doing this to help Picasso. Yes, I was trying to get Moth to talk in the memory he retold in that post, but it wasn't something sinister. I wasn't trying to make what was going to happen to Picasso his fault. I didn't even know what was gonna happen to her. I don't entirely understand why I was made to do it if her current state of being was gonna be the result. Its not exactly a usual change.

It made her unwarrantably violent and completely unmanageable. But its what Father wanted, to take her to see the Bleeding Tree...

I... I've seen the tree many times. Its the stepping stone I use to travel through the path as fast as I do... I never... never freaked out like Zero and Picasso did... right? I've... always been me... I think.

Its all very concerning. I was fortunate enough to have Whisper under my employ. His words mesmerize and brainwash those who can't escape them. If he tells you to do something, you have to do it. If he tells you to think something, you have to think it. Even if you he wasn't talking to you. If you hear him say it, its all over.

He calls it the voice of Father. I'm one of five people hes met since he got the gift that was completely unaffected by it. We're not sure what causes certain people to be resistant. The only other person hes been kind enough to tell me about is David. Which isn't surprising. David Banks in inherently immune to so such shit his blood may very well cure cancer.

We'd been using whisper to bring the real Picasso out. That's the point of this. To bring her in so whisper can push the Tree's madness back down as much as possible and bring the real her, the her I met, back into the light.

And once shes thinking with her right mind, once shes herself, she'll talk Moth back into line for us. Hes infatuated with her, even if he won't admit it. No one else will have to die, and I'll have to two ungrateful little shits I helped save back.

The Lord Guardian Fracture Out

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Game of Cat and Louse

Calm, composed, vigilant. I could see her studying faces on her way into the alley. Profiling.

Probably looking of injuries or scars. Hell, probably trench coats and hoodies too. Proxies can be a little predictable with their wardrobe at times. I could see her eyeing the homeless guy slouched against the dumpster as she made her way closer, putting a hand on her gun ready for him to spring up... usually where I'd have put Sloth.

Homeless guy didn't even register she was there. Too busy sleeping.

She pulled her gun out as she reached the center of the alleyway and made a sweep around. I could see her mouthing words.

'Running late?' she questioned as she swept one way before turning to what had been her back flanking and making another sweep. Hard to read lips when you look away. I managed to catch 'Where' at the beginning of the sweep and 'you' at the end of it.

I heard her gun cock as a sudden realization hit her. She suddenly looked up, gun pointed and ready for an ambush from above.

I waved as she spotted me relaxing on the fire escape stairs above. Her leery scanning eyes hardened into a glare as they fixed on me before making another sweep to make sure no one was trying to sneak up on her from the sides.

"Hello, Beautiful. Good to see you again."

"Yeah, I bet." She made another quick sweep. "What are you doing up there?" She demanded to know as she leveled her gun at me.

"Just... you know, hanging out. Being a stud."

"That what studs do nowadays? Hide up high to attend the meetings they called?"

"Pretty sure, yeah. I think I saw it on People magazine... besides, its safer up here. I mean, you're not exactly friendly when you're on the best of terms so I can only imagine what form of bitch factor force you're riding right now in regards to me after I gave you my chloroform cloth good bye when last I left you."

"Heh. I was always planning to kill you just the same, Fracture."

"... Comforting?"

She makes another sweep  of the alley before looking back up at me and lowering her gun a fraction.

"You called me. What do you want?"

"Well uh..."

"Spit it out! Is this about your little policy change? Because I don't need a babysitter."

"Well, of course not. You lack babies for me to send sitters to sit on."

I could see that that one actually managed to get a slight smirk but it didn't last. "Cut the shit. If this isn't a trap and this isn't part of your mass coddling crusade, then what the hell do you what?"

"There's been quite the surge of active cultists out there as of late, hasn't there? They're spreading out. Wedging themselves into the lives of everyday civilians. Spreading corruption onto innocent little souls, dragging them into the Great Game one by one in their desperate bid for dominance."

Her body language made a sharp change as she stiffened and clenched her non-gun holding fist. Grumbling so loud I could hear it from where I was.

Yes, she had most certainly noticed the change. She knew as I knew, the other Fears were on the rise.

"What of it?" She said when she finally spoke, looking back up at me. I can only imagine the gruesome slide show of killings against my cousins that had just finished replaying in her head.

"It's just a lot of people to have to try to track down. Who knows what could happen to them in the m-" 

She didn't let me finish that thought. "Cut the shit, fuck-face. Get to the point. What do you want?"

"... Ow. My pride..." I teased putting a hand to chest to try to act wounded. An act likely ruined by my bright beautiful grin. "I want to strike a deal... uh... bitch babe...?"

She spun her finger around in a circle, silently insisting that I keep explaining with a stern glare.

"I'll help you find and get at these fuckers quicker. But I want a favor first."

She let out an exhausted sigh. "Of course you do," she said shifting her weight and resting a hand on her own hip as she raised her gun back up at me with the other. "Just what favor would that be?"

"Woah. Calm down. Nothing big. Not for you anyways." A statement she reacted to by cocking her gun. Not sure if that was due to impatience or if she had read some unintended innuendo in my words.

 "I want you to bring me Picasso. Your old chum. Bring her alive though. Oh, and don't kill Moth while your at it."

"...Why the-"

"Does it matter? I know you want them both dead after what they pulled back in Black Lake but this is my only offer. Do you want my help expediting your work or not?"

For those who don't know or don't remember, Moth and Picasso destroyed Black Lake.


"Good. Shoot me a text w-" I started but stopped as she just kind of turned and started leaving. So very rude of her. No class. 


That was a several days ago, though.

Before this went up.

I tried calling her a few times after that but she never answered.

But I got a call this morning.


"It's done," Is what I was immediately greeted with when I answered. Then before I could react she hung up.

About 20 seconds later I got a text from her with a location.

I popped in to find Picasso bound, gagged, and unconscious with a ribbon for the gag and a note that read:

'You owe me.'


Helrick was also there. Alive but unconscious. I sent him to help her bring Picasso in since he also has a history with them. Judging by the burn mark on his body, I think LeCroix hit him with a stun gun from behind.

Apparently Moth had managed to land a solid hit on her and she wasn't looking too good. Nothing fatal Helrick assures me, but it's concerning all the same. Even more so because shes still not taking my calls.

Either way, I have Picasso. I win! This is definitively a win. Suck it Moth. Your little radio silence tactic did you a fat lot of fucking good didn't it!

The Lord Guardian Fracture out.