As it was originally dictated by Fracture's poorly spelled and poorly grammared post, found here, the Free Market has undergone a new code of Ethics and encourages all other proxies to do the same.

For convenience the changes will be listed and explained here.

The Crisis:

The Bureaucracy has fallen and proxy hierarchy, outside of Fringe organizations like Us(The Free Market) or The Order of Oracles or The Hamlet, is all but collapsed. Most runners and proxies alike could agree at the time that this was a good thing. The Bureaucracy was a cruel organization that played with runner and proxy lives as if they were disposable toys for fun and profit all under the guise of doing Father's, the Slender Man's, will. For their crimes the order was cut down by the combined efforts of several notable proxies (Morningstar, Joseph, Nightscream, Duckie, and Fracture) and the Slender Man himself.

Though many died through failed attempts to adjust to life outside of The Bureaucracy's Shadow, life for the most part found equilibrium and things went on as they always had as if The Bureaucracy had never existed... at first at least.

One thing The Bureaucracy had always been good about, was using their power to keep the other fears and their cult's in check. Organized Proxy Supremacy kept their cults small and their sphere of influence and activities (in the U.S. at least) small.

With no one proactively keeping them in check anymore, the Fears have been violently expanding their control over the continent. It was, mostly, harmless at first but it has since spiraled into a top level threat. Each and every fear, with each and every one of their little cults, as been going out of their way to cut proxies and runners down in an effort to starve out the Slender Man and bring him down to their level so that one of them can assume his throne as top dog.

And I mean all of them. Tell-Tale Hearts, Timberwovles, Oathbreakers, Nests, White Coats, Towerborn, Thoughtborn, Scarlet Marked, Lilim, Rakelings, Rose Brides, Game Masters,... fuck, even Archivists. They are to numerous to completely list here.

In the wake of this, in a desperate effort to protect not only ourselves but outside proxies and runners alike, The Free Market decided it was time for a policy change. In addition to reinstating old forgotten Ant-Cult activities to push back the looming threat and hold our ground against the disjointed hoard, it was decided that Proxies would no longer hunt runners because the privilege was far to often abused. We can not pretend to know the Slender Man's will. So we will instead stand as guardians to our afflicted siblings, Father's runners, until such a time that they join us or Father himself judges them to be unworthy.

Because that is the true proxy way.

The Rules

  • Murder, defined as permanent death in cases where loops are relevant, by Proxies or Runners between themselves or between each other will not be tolerated where The Free Market has a say.
    • Plainly stated, Proxies will no longer hunt runners unless it can be prove to be Father's will.
    • Murder will be forgiven where proof of a long standing personal grudge is evident. It pays to blog.
      • For example, Runner B's murder of Proxy C will be overlooked if it is established that Proxy C murdered someone important to Runner B for a reason other than Father's undeniable will.
    • Psychopaths such as Morningstar and Arkady will no longer be tolerated on either side.
  • We encourage, but will not enforce where our authority is non-existent, Proxies to safeguard runners from all outside threats until such a time that they can face the Slender Man's Judgement.
    • Proxies are not to aid in Father's efforts when he makes himself present. It is not your job to hold the runner down or hinder them in anyway. Trust that their resistance is part of the Judging process and politely take a knee until he is done or gone... for your own safety if nothing else.
  • While exceptions can be made and we would love to see an end to these outlandish hostilities in whatever capacity can be achieved, until further notice all rival fear cultists are to be killed on sight as threats to both Proxy and Runner life alike.
    • Furthermore, we encourage the recruitment of runner's of other Fears into our ranks to join our efforts against the fear that is afflicting them. The enemy of their enemy is their friend and they should know it.


These rules are subject to change as time proves to be necessary. The Free Market may add additional rules as time proves to be necessary. If you see an issue with any rule listed here be sure to make mention of it in the comments below.


  1. A code of ethics? That's interesting.

  2. I assure you, the Librarian has issued no edict of expansion. Archivists intend no ill will toward any of you.

    1. If only the Archivists were the only faction at play under the Blind Man's banner.

    2. The only ones who listen to instructions, perhaps.

    3. Hard to tell with Eldritch entities, believe you me.

  3. We apologize for our tardiness regarding the matter but, speaking on behalf our Father, The Grigori, the members of The Eyes agree to your terms and conditions

    1. It's nice to see a Fallen proxy cell with some ethics. To be perfectly honest, I didn't even think you lot were still around. Good to hear an old name sometimes.

    2. Things sort of came to a halt after Father had a stroke and a good chunk of us finally found out about these Fear things.

      He's probably going to have another stroke when he finds out I told you this. Heh.

  4. Oh. Been meaning to say, since I came back...

    FUCK YOU GUYS TOO. No longer be tolerated. Pffft. Just be glad I'm on a leash. Ever see what an immortal, pissed, semi-rabid dog can do to a Cat or Sloth? It isn't pretty. Leaves a lot of tattered, bloody, tangled, chunks of fur and flesh laying around.

    Just a leash standing between me and you two. But that walking MISTAKE won't hold me forever. Then I'll settle my unfinished business with the color Red. After that, I'll come after the rest of you. Just wait and see.

    1. You'll probably die again first. You do that a lot.