Monday, March 5, 2012


I’m told other cults don’t have paperwork. It’s not surprising when I really think about it. It’s hard to picture the master sitting down with reading glasses to go over all this, mostly because he doesn’t have eyes.
I wish I could say I was jealous but if there was not a system in place to regulate us, I would have nothing to abuse. And I’m afraid I must admit to having abused it, perhaps even more than was my fair share.

…We’ll, it wasn’t me exactly. I use to have a guy for that. I could ramble. The short of it is he died and I’m nowhere near intelligent enough to manipulate these papers like he could. I was pretty sure they were in another language. I ended up confessing to my various abuses in hopes I could get someone to explain what I was supposed to do with all this crap. That just netted me a second stack of paperwork in order to rectify said passed abuses.
About every hour I get a call scolding me about the various crap I was pulling. I’m anticipating punishment of some kind but they keep beating around the bush. I don’t have time for their shit though. I have to translate this stuff before I have to fill out another form explaining why previous forms were late.

I miss the doctor, I could use a punching bag about now.

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  1. Ahh, the scolding. You sound like a little kid that forgot to do his homework, you do realize that?