Sunday, February 23, 2014

Just Hold me Tight

... And tell me you'll miss me.

I love that song. As I'm certain everyone enjoys me ripping sentences from the lyrics of random songs to make some of these titles.

So, this is an update post. Here are some updates.


First off is the Bounty Board

I've added two more bounties to the board, Nat and Sloth. I figured the proxy/runner/cult community should also be allowed to collect on their hides since I offered a few Gangs in Mexico a similar deal. Fair is fair after all. Happy hunting.

I also created a section at the end their listing Bounties that have already been collected on. Its not entirely done but like the rest of the board it does the job.

As per David Bank's request, any bounties he kills are added to his own so now hes worth $125,000 for killing Nightscream. Enjoy Mr. Banks. I'm always happy to support the Sages.

And as a final note for the bounty board I've updated the links on Nat's, Sloth's, David's, and Em's bounties so they'll take you to their blogger accounts. I've been meaning to do that for all the bounties but I can't be bothered.


Second on the agenda.

So, Diana is dead. Quite dead. Has been for a few weeks now I think. 

I can't say that I'll miss her but its almost always sad to see a soul ripped from this world. A notable exception being Sloth. Fuck that guy. God I hope someone kills his lazy ass.

But back on topic. The pencil pusher is dead. And with her death, so too did the last living member of the Phoenix Division of the Order of Oracles pass from this world into a fresh new unending hell. Such is the fate of our bravest... and turncoats.... and random teenagers.... unfortunate bystanders... and everyone watching Marble Hornets. A lot of people. Such is the fate of many.

The point of this matter on the agenda, however, is this promise. One I made like... almost a year ago now.

Since no one survived, there will likely be no new Oracle to take over the resources I've collected in Phoenix. At least, not one that will emerge for me. Oracles gravitate to the Order, so to make sure an actual Oracle gets it (Especially in light of the fact that Truth was a fake) I've handed all those resources over to the Order through my favorite 'Handler' rank proxy from said Order. In addition to that, I've also given that proxy the $100,000 dollar bounty Truth had me put on Arkady's head since hes good and dead.

Have fun kiddo. Sorry I called you kiddo. Don't hurt me.


BAM 3: Infinate sadness.

So, the results came back on those corpses. Two of them are who I thought they were. Masks turned by Sloth to help Picasso and Moth fight me.

The third one... is a farmer who went missing a day before we raided the loop with no prior cult/proxy/runner connection of any kind as best I could tell. I braved asking Father if he knew who she was. What I found out was no, he had never heard of her. At least I'm pretty sure that's what he said. Its really hard to interpret his 'talking' after he slams your face against the wall. Pretty sure, I have a concussion.

How very odd that two of my Masks would randomly kidnap an Uninitiated girl to participate in their desperate suicidal ploy. So odd. Wonder if the third missing mask just took a vacation and we didn't notice. They don't talk after all... not to hard to imagine we just happened to have missed that... hmm...

I would like to take a moment to say something about the dead female Mask. Otheos. I... I had a little crush on her. She was something special. Bright. Beautiful. She even dyed her hair white to look more like me. She was absolutely smitten with me. Like a puppy. But with less hair. And in a mask.

I had her take the Mask Cult's vow and distanced myself from her because... it just didn't feel right. I get them so young. When they grow up, all I still see is the terrified child I pulled out of the gutter and tortured into a serial killer worshiping a tall faceless well dressed monster. 

But I wish I could tell her that I did care. And I'm sorry if I drove her to this in any way. And she should go fuck herself for turning like that. I raised her beater than that and I can trace the scars on her body that prove it. Rot in hell Otheos. You get what you deserve.

... Sorry if that got too touching and emotional... losing her... its put me in this loving emotional state...

I'm an absolute wreck. Much like the tattered remains of her stupid traitorous face. 

And as a last note, happy birthday Moth. Fuck you. Go die.

The Lord Guardian Fracture, best parent ever, out.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I've Been Had

My god, if I could ever be bothered to update that fucking bounty board I would be incredibly fucking pissed at all the back tracking I would need to do right now.

So, I didn't believe this at first. Nor did I find this particularly convincing.

I figured Sloth was trying to fuck with me or something. Or maybe Justice from the New York division. He hardly seems to need a reason to do things in my experience, an experience that will burn forever fresh in my mind through everlasting petty spite. 

Insert my own blog's name here.

Hell, I wouldn't put it past Nat either. She writes at a second grade level to my understanding but even that Latino thunder cunt would probably be able to guess whatever simple minded and inane thing Picasso has her password set to.

Probably something along the lines of 'duckiemustdie'.

Not to mention just about anyone can pretend to be Picasso. Just TALK like THIS randomly and sound REALLY pissed off at everything and throw in something silly like CANTALOUPE

And even looking beyond the obvious suspects, I'm still convinced  the government and the Manufactured Newborn are fucking with me and if that is true either one of them would get a real kick out of sending me on an endless wild goose chase to hunt the dead...

Even still beyond that, I just really wanted them to be dead. I wanted this to be over. Instead I'm looking at three more unnecessary corpses.

The blood work came back earlier today confirming beyond any reasonable shadow of a doubt that none of the bodies we recovered belong to Picasso, Moth, or Navi. And as all three corpses were damaged beyond recognition, further tests will be necessary to determine who the fuck these people actually were.

We unfortunately don't have an extensive spread on blood work and DNA samples, but we can track down official dental records and cross reference the identity gained there with the known identities of runners and proxies and their collective aliases. That kind of information I can get an extensive spread on.

I don't need an extensive spread though. Three of my Masks have gone missing. A boy and two girls of Picasso, Moth, and Navi's general builds. The hair color's aren't quite right but dying hair is a thing.

So right now I'm just pulling those three's particular files to confirm it was them as a means of double checking because I'm 99% sure it's their corpses I'm staring at.

A talk with the phone company confirmed for me that the last dozen or so calls all three of them had received were from Sloth, Moth, and Picasso.

It absolutely fascinates me that Sloth apparently has enough weigh left over around here, even after I ousted him as a traitor, to flip Masks. Masks! We're talking about cultists that worship Father to such an unreasonable extent that they choose to act like hollows as a show of loyalty to him.

And apparently all Sloth had to do to put an end to all that was call them. Just a few calls and they were apparently happy to sacrifice themselves just to fuck with Father and I in a rather desperate bid to buy those psychopaths more time.

I just... don't fucking understand. We were so close. We were closing in on them. They were desperate. They were making mistakes. And now thanks to Sloth's little decoy I don't fucking know where they are anymore.

Its... just not fair...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In which shit happens while I spend an entire month recounting the events of one week.

In which that is entirely David's fault.
I don't know why yet but if you give me an hour or so I can make something up.

In which reference.

In which I stop "in which"ing.

I think the title says it. I did not spend an entire month visiting Mother. I just spent all my blogging free time talking about it over the course of January. It just felt important I guess? So important I got really fucking wordy about it and map quested that shit out for anyone stupid enough to try to repeat the trip I made. Its just hard to differentiate between what is and is not important you know? It takes every step of a trip to form a journey, right?

Did you know question marks? Constant questions marks. Its how you win.

Quick disclaimer, those questions where rhetorical. Don't like, actually answer them in the comments.

So yeah. I've been up to other stuff all month.

Devil, 'the Fire', and I have been out on the ground floor with the Finest fucking with the loop Picasso, Moth, and Navi tried to escape into. It was real nice of them to corner themselves like that for us. Navi is right in that post I linked. First thing we did was alter the loop so they wouldn't remember the day prior when it reset. I have no idea why that didn't work on Moth. That's kind of weird. 

Once they where trapped doing the same thing over and over again, more or less, we started the process of taking the loop apart until all that remained was a 15 ft by 15 ft box. And just to make sure at no point of that process they could Path out of there to safety, we had the Finest jumping in and out of the Path to keep the denizens from wandering away from the area the loop was technically overlaying.

Once we had the loop down to just a room, we had 'The Fire' and the Finest's fire shaman flood the room with fire. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why loops where so secretive in their hay day. Because if you knew where one was anchored, you could stand just outside of it and fuck with it's residents.

You know, provided you had a Crafter.

But the important take away here is Picasso, Moth, and Navi are dead. 
'Wrath is Fathomless' is over. 
I win.

We're in the process of collecting Moth and Picasso's remains from the path now. We've already pulled Navi's charred corpse out of that loop.

Can you believe Navi was nursing an armed bomb in there? She never mentioned it on their blog, but she was. I get the sense she was gonna try to take as many of us with her as possible if we hadn't set the room a blaze. I guess I made the right call there not being merciful.

Blatant transition to something else.

So, when I wasn't out shooting the shit with my Finest and my crack team of shit Crafters, (and wasn't out in the Screaming Tower [Naturally {Annotation inception ///Holy shit, four layers///}]) I payed a visit to someone way out of my natural jurisdiction. Like, further out of it than I think most of you will inherently think to conceive.

Far way. Way, far way. In case any of you are too lazy to click the link, that someone is Alex from 'Eyes of Tomorrow'. I've paid a few visits to 'em now. My first trip out was to make sure the poor sap wasn't on a wild goose chase. I had a hunch Redlight might have been in Alex's head. After all, that's what happened to Alex's spouse, Sam/Nightscream.

After I confronted Alex with the theory, Alex let me have a peek inside it's noodle. Which was extremely painful for all parties involved. Oh what the neighbors must have thought to hear two grown adults screaming in the next room. But I was able to confirm Redlight wasn't in Alex's head so that almost makes the trauma worth it. Far less worth it than finding and killing Redlight but... nearly almost kind of worth it.

Hopefully I will never fucking have to do that shit again.

Seriously, fuck that.

So once the foreplay was out of the way, we got to talking. And all I can really say about our pillow talk is Alex needs some things for it's Redlight hunt so I'm helping it find said things. Like that 'book'.

I've dropped in on it once or twice since then, announced of course, to flirt incessantly and discuss our next step. Things I can't really go into detail on. There are far to many malcontents that read these blogs after all.

And that was my month. I visited Mother at her Screaming tower and got knifed in the gut over a sales pitch for a new show. I tortured Moth, Picasso, and Navi to death while I shot the shit with my close co-workers and underlings. And I lost my mental virginity to a unisex cyclops in a motel they didn't even pay for, we broke in, to find nothing but utter disappointment and pain.

January was a hell of a month.

Fracture out.