Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Would the Real Morningstar Please Stand Up?

Seems we're gonna have a problem here...

Fracture here reporting a rather surprising Undeath. The Morningstar lives.

[You know if feels silly that other people use my account so often that I have to announce when its actually me blogging on my own account on my own blog? Suppose that's my own fault but its silly nonetheless.] 

I personally find this to be a very disturbing upset. Not that I'm not happy that he's somehow still alive. The man is as Iconic as they come and a beacon of hope, and depravity/cannibalism, among the less sane of proxy kind. But when the last one died I went through A LOT of trouble to find his body and steal the head and I kept it buried in a pot of soil just so something like this wouldn't happen again.

Why were the Celts never right about anything because that whole process clearly does fuck all? I mean, sure it could be an impostor. That's kind of a huge risk associated with blogging. But the post has so much of that genuine Morningstar... I want to call Flair. 

That 'ummph' that you just can't fake.

I can only assume Redlight made another one. I've been trying stay out of the Stopsign's affairs but... Iblistar could make an another appearance and he is a very real threat to proxy kind.

I'll not sit Idly by to see if the shark takes the bait, I'm getting my harpoon.

Ever Insincere,
The Lord Guardian Fracture.