Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cult Page Update #1

Hollows and Gentle Proxies, I am pleased to bring you the Launch of the Free Market's Cult Page!

Currently residing on this page are recruitment Ads for the Fire and Mask Cults.

Do they not sound familiar? That's because they both died out some time ago. But as luck would have it, I brought in a member from each cult before the cults collapsed in on themselves leaving me with a unique opportunity to start them back up a new.

Anyone who has read Duckie's story will remember he talked about them. He wasn't actually a member of either of them because they weren't around anymore but he really took their philosophies to heart. So if you remember Duckie spewing out some nonsense and thought to yourself 'I can really get behind that ridiculous mouthful of crazy shit', then you should look them up because you are exactly what they are looking for.

Seriously, I won't judge you for it.

As stated on the bottom of that page, if you have a cult of your own that you would like to advertise then shoot us an e-mail telling us about it and if we feel it serves Father, or if you can afford the advertising fees to put it up on the page if it doesn't serve father, we'll put it up on the Free Market's Cult Page for the world to see. 

Praise Slender Man!

Fracture Out.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bounty Hunter Update #1 - Emily

I'm sure some of you may be wondering why Emily (A.K.A "Take the Myth" 's Em) is still on the bounty board after she allegedly died. That's a simple one, they found no body.

No body, no death. Not in this game. It's never so simple.

I can promise you one thing though, she isn't in Germany and she most certainly isn't in any castles in Germany. Believe me, we checked. The man hours we put into that search could have relieved  an entire hospital for a week. Real pity considering.

But she's still out there and the bounty still stands.

Remember. We want her alive.

Happy hunting.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Something New

Ladies and gentlemen please, would you bring your attention to me? This is like nothing you've ever seen before! Your jaws will soon be on the floor and after this you'll be begging for more.


I bring you the Free Market. And it comes complete with a Shop and a Bounty Board and has even more Goodies on the way.

From now on, this blog serves a new purpose as a news station for the Free Market. Questions and Updates will be presented here as they are warranted. I know many of you are lost and confused with the loss of the Organization. Let us help you find new direction to better serve Father.

But fear not. We will not make the same mistakes of our 

Working with the Free Market is optional. This is a service for those who serve Father, to help you do what needs to be done in his name. We do hope you'll let us help you.