Sunday, November 30, 2014

Not Fucking Today

So, fuck you, Fuckface, and fuck you Jack. Your attempt was unsuccessful. Sloth is alive, and he's going to be fine. He is guarded, and if you try something again you will not come away unscathed.

For those of you who aren't the culprit and therefore don't already fucking know, Jack seems to be unhappy about recent events. He decided the appropriate way to express this unhappiness was to fucking attempt to assassinate Sloth. Presumably he thought that since the two of us had recently had a rather public fight and no one else seems to give a fuck, he would be an easy target.

He thought fucking wrong. I had some of my Masks guarding the fucker constantly. Not to mention I myself had started guarding him again as well, because despite what some of you might think I'm not a totally unreasonable cunt and we sorted things out. The boss is the boss, after all.

So, he is fucking guarded, and he is fine, and you are going to fucking pay for this.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sorry Fracture

It's nothing personal. Really. By now I would think you of all people can appreciate why this keeps happening. And really, would you expect anything else from someone with my title?

Not as if you haven't done worse to some people... I'm sure you're huffing and making a big scene on that side of the monitor but remember, that just makes you a hypocrite.


"What the fuck do you people want?!" he yelled in exhausted frustration. We'd spent the better half of the last three days following him. Chasing him at times. And we'd finally managed to corner him. He was a scrappy fucker, this Cerberus.

A disgraced timber-wolf Fracture and the Free Market had used and thrown to the wolves. Funny how those who abandon you always come back to see if you're still alive after a while...

 "Isn't this the guy Fracture wanted?" asked Jack looking concerned and confused. So well informed. Fracture never use to tell him anything when he had me following him around during my 'baby' days. I hadn't anticipated this. It was easy enough to lie my way out of though.

"Why do you think we're here? Where gonna do something nice for good ol' Fracture. A thank you for everything he does for us."

"Oh. That makes sense~.... I guess."

"Of course it does, or I wouldn't have said it."

Cerberus hissed at the name drop.

"That's right boy-o, Fracture."

"Proxies," he said hissing again. I would have thought the masks would have given that away but whatever. Timberwolves always were overly dramatic douchebags.

"Right... this conversation is getting stupid a little faster than I care to go so-"

"Ha! Because you're Sloth!"


"And you're slow..."


"I get it."

"Wow. We and we're already there it seems."

"Hey," Jack huffed angrily. I wasn't about to stop to let him open his stupid mouth again this time.

"So I'm just gonna cut to the chase. You're gonna join us."

Cerberus scoffed. "Like hell. I'd sooner die."

"Well... I've done all I can do."


"Yep. Guess we should go."

"... Just gonna... let me go?"

And I stabbed him in the gut. "Yep. With the standard gift basket of course."

I heard a pop and a snap behind us and half turned. Cerberus took that window to kick the knife out of my hand and made a grab for it. Jack and one of my Mask's grabbed him and held him down. He started struggling and yelling for help.

"Relax. We're not gonna kill you," I said as my other Mask arrived with freshly broken and super heated pieces of mask. "We're just gonna make sure no one else will have you till you change your mind."

And with that I took my leave of the grisly scene that was to follow. Jack assured me my will was done. Cerberus was permanently branded with pieces of broken mask across his face in a tasteful manner, not too unlike our poor darling PaKaSo.

No runner, cultist, or proxy should want anything to do with him looking like that. To most it looks very proxy like. To us, its the sign of a turncoat. Or it is now. The meaning of that has changed a few times...  it meant something completely different when PaKaSo did it... god shes got it rough.

Cerberus passed out from the pain. Hes kind of a bitch... not that I can boast that I wouldn't have done the same if I'm being perfectly frank.


Poor Cerberus. After what Fracture's goons did to him, I doubt he'll ever work with us now. Such a pity.

Sorry Fracture. Looks like I fucked up your newest project and it's face... again.

I keep doing that. So careless of me.

The Lord Betrayer Sloth, out.