Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Fire

Driving is long, boring, and annoying. Especially when you’re the passenger and your driver is constantly trying to get in your head with his constant psycho babble and opinions.  
“But you don’t see the flaw in that logic? You have to give life its worth and mea-”

I couldn’t take another moment of Fracture’s incessant babbling. I started wailing on him trying my damnedest to slug him repeatedly in the same spot over and over again until he finally shut up. We damn near fucking crashed into another car. But we didn’t so it was worth it, so incredibly worth it. The silence was so sweet… for about the five minutes it took for me to grow tired of that too. Now I can’t get Fracture to talk again. He’s such a girl.

In light of all the nothing there is to do I thought I would make a post. But now that I’m actually doing this I realize the nothing has left me with nothing to post about. So I think I’m going to take this opportunity to explain what the Fire is. I reference it enough.

I can see Fracture growing concerned as I read aloud what I’m typing. I’m really not supposed to talk about the fire. It is, after all, blasphemy to the Bureaucracy. Let’s see how far Fracture will let me take this before he starts talking again…

Let’s began with the boring part.
Fire is the essence of chaos and the element best associated with passion and obsession. It is the element most like man. It breaths like we do. It eats like we do. Fire is also the only element capable of homicide as a well handled fire can be used to extinguish another fire. In this way the flame more than any other element is truly a brother to mankind. I believe this is why fire burns us so. Brothers tend to be complete dicks.

Here is where it gets a little more interesting.
In much the same way that fire lives like we do, fire also has a mind like we do and a spirit too. The mind… well the mind isn’t too important here. We don’t worship the mind. It calls for the destruction of all things through the consumption of all things and the rebirth of all man has ever known through pain and fire. Not a big fan of the mind. The mind is an asshole.

All the flavor in life dwells in the spirit. It is the spirit of fire we worship… well, it was. If you haven’t caught on by now this is a cult, specifically a long dead proxy cult.

You should hear Fracture screaming at me to stop now. He’s such a girl.
Unfortunately for him, nothing is going to stop this post. I refuse to let the cult die in its entirety.

These embers must remain.

The spirit of fire calls forth for all to embrace their passions. It tells us to love all that we do with a fiery fervor. Let lose your obsessions and live a beautiful life in hope that your beauty may inspire others to do the same. It offers immortality through the creation of a moment so beautiful it will be forever remembered through the course of human history.  Above all else the fire demands complete freedom in which to pursue its passions and expects all others to earn the freedom to pursue their own.

It is through the flame that proxies are taught that death does not have to be an ugly affair. As a flame burns beautifully on a man as it claims his life, so too can the death a proxy bares to its victims.

It is through the flame that true loyalty to the master is taught for the master cannot make you do something if you take a passion in serving him and willingly do his bidding. This is something I find lacking in most of my ‘brothers’ who would sooner serve only when it convinces them.

Most importantly, the fire teaches you that you will die and it will hurt as no light can burn true forever no matter how beautiful or brilliant. It is through service to the master that we must find our death. If our loyalty is true, the master will usher us to a death worthy of ourselves so we may find a moment in time where our wrath will make us eternal.

I believe there were more lesions but I never learned the rest.

We were shut down.
“The Bureaucracy doesn’t understand. They don’t understand because they don’t care. The fire calls for its followers to pull away from those who would oppress us and the Bureaucracy sees that as a threat. The common desire to better serve means nothing to them. They serve their own interests before our master!”

These were the last words of my first trainer. He was brought before the class by five masked men and lit on fire in front of his surviving students to be made an example of. He uttered those words while he burned.

…It was beautiful.


  1. That's a hell of an interesting subcult.

    1. Yes. Very interesting. They negelected to inform me of this and it's not in his file. My briefing on the matter consisted of "Don't let him talk about it."

    2. So, any idea why your bosses want to get you killed? Sending you to work with him, while crippled, without crucial information...
      That strikes me as what they'd do to someone they want to get rid of

    3. That explanation might deserve its own post... and quite possibly need to be run through clearance.

    4. I'd be interested to hear it, anyway.

  2. ....that's fascinating. I can see where you find that beauty in fire.

    As for you, Fracture-- jeez, you just can't win.

    1. Ya. It felt long winded but "I like fire, yay" just didn't quite cover what I wanted to say.

      Also, stop feeling bad for Fracture! He's a terrible fucking bastard who deserves five times worse than anything I have ever given him thus far. He has on multiple occasions called for my swift execution. There will be no sympathy.

  3. You say "like a girl" like it's a bad thing.

    1. Don't be such a guy about it.

      See, that just doesn't carry the same meaning.

    2. such a guy?
      Overly fierce until you hurt them, then a total pussy? No, it totally works.

    3. Works for Fracture then. Think that makes me a girl.
      I don't know that I'm a horrible enough bitch for that though. What do you think?

    4. Dunno, you seem like a bitch to me.

    5. Hot damn. I was worried I couldn't pull this off.

    6. I'm a bitch. Pride myself on being one.

      You are, and I like you for it.

      But him? Nah, he seems more like a cowardly little dog.

      .....not the awesome purple one, either.

    7. Fracture assures me that's funny. I don't think I'm getting a reference.


      Best damn little coward to grace television.

    9. I'll take your word for it.