Monday, March 19, 2012

Closing In

I think Fracture might be a creeper. His face absolutely lit up when he heard the Doc may still be alive and may have turned proxy. Or maybe I’m misreading him and he’s all giddy because of the severely small chance this gives him to consort with another individual in the medical field. I’m not sure how many doctors exist in/under the Bureaucracy.

I’m beginning to think my overseers might hate Fracture more than I do. I didn’t get in trouble for beaming him with the laptop. I just got a short call later informing me that my conduct was inappropriate and that I was not to do it again. I swear I could almost feel the man who said it winking over the phone. This mutual distain is kind of taking the fun out of mistreating him. I need to move past my conflict oriented nature so I can properly hate him for who he is.

Putting the whiny pettiness of my day to day aside, I finally found my mark. The assigned hunter for this one is long dead. She apparently threw herself off a building jumping at another mark on a roof. I’m thinking she might have been a little new to the game. It didn’t leave me with a lot to go on. I managed to track the mark a town over and a hot lead brought me to the hotel he was hiding out at. I just need to try to keep tabs on him until tonight.

I’ve been waiting for activity near the roof access door. He hasn’t come down though. He must move at night. I’m curious what this one looks like. There wasn’t a description attached, just a name. I want to just go up there and be done with this one but I’d prefer it if I could catch him freshly asleep. I’ve got fracture moving in so he can keep an eye on door while I take a nap. With any luck this will be good and settled by this time tomorrow.

That’s a knock on the door. It must be Fracture.
Nap time.

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