Sunday, April 20, 2014

Is singing songs to me

Hello! I did a thing!

That's right, this is Jack. That makes this...

A Jack Attack!

More exclamation marks!!!!!


I'm gonna be honest. Couldn't help myself. I started with three lines, and then I did three more lines, and then I did three more lines that sounded terrible.

So I went back and reread the first two lines to figure out why those sounded so much better than my thirds set and realized they adhered to a syllable limit where my third set did not. So I rewrote the third set on to obey that limit. I probably spent like... a solid hour on that.

Kind of couldn't help myself. Started the commented not thinking about it and then I felt strangely compelled. The whole little exercise felt very familiar. And then Fracture accused my music lessons of being the cause. Which was weird. I wrote it because writing it was the right thing to do. Needed to be done.

But I could see where you might think music would inspire acts of annoyance. Music is annoying noise to a half assed beat where some asshole incessantly repeats words at you in desperate hope that those words might lodge themselves and your ear and brainwash you into thinking they're catchy.

In fact, I hear there is a Fear who likes to fuck with what you hear.

Ryhming aside, Fracture's accusation gave me an idea. To reiterate, music is annoying noise and I have a hunch that denizens hate music even more than I do....

Post note!
              ^Necessary Exclamation mark

I found Fracture.

I was gathering supplies for my ingenious plan to get my shit back from that disgusting fucking filth dimension of ask and leaves and the denizen I am assuming is still fucking sleeping on all my crap when I went riffling for blankets in the closet.

First oddity. There was a pillow fort in the closet with a blanket roof.

Kicking it down, I had assumed it was Maggot's, I discovered a startled Fuck Face (Fracture) sitting there reading a book with a flashlight with a plugged in laptop in the corner.

He tried to get me to keep it quiet insisting he was on a well earned 'sabbatical'.

I went running down the hall yelling "Fractures Home! Fractures Home!" He chased me down cursing.

Some mute cat and mouse shit. He tackled me as Ms. Devil and Ms. Fire came out tapping their toes. They pulled him off my by his ears off to his office.

Fuck you fuck face!

.... Hindsight... I probably should have just offered to stay quiet in-exchange for him helping my get my shit back.... I've been told I've been written out of the will. Maggot now goes a wide selection of other people who would all have to be dead before I can inherit the asshole.

Fucking bullshit.


  1. Oh my god, I fucking love hiding away in blanket and pillow forts! I used to do it when there were fights at home. It is an amazing coping mechanism for anything. Blankets and pillows and books and laptops. It's the simple things.

    I have a new suggestion: dry dock Maggot's toilet.

    1. We have shared bathroom space you delinquent. Quit encouraging him.

    2. That's a great idea. Officially encouraging this one.

    3. I doubt Jack would ruin his own litter tray.

    4. Should never underestimate a person's spite. Eternal Wrath and such shit.

    5. With that being said... I'm hoping his spite leads him to do something hilarious.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah. I don't like to advertise it because he could probably both kill me with like... both of his hands removed or something else equally insane, but he stands to inherit a handful of precious things I'd like to see kept safe if the worst should happen. Especially in light of his new attitude.