Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beneath the Marquee

Howdy there! Its Jack.

And this is, another Jack Attack!

So, Fracture isn't back yet. Which is odd. I thought he would be when he started commenting again.

Apparently Ivan, my ginger fuck-tarded song happy fighting instructor, got a call from him informing the compound that he was 'On his way back'. Apparently hes lost in, and I'm quoting here, 'Metaphysics' somewhere across the 'Unspace' but within our 'Spectrum of Undeniable Plausability.'

So if I understand correctly Fracture is within a college tier school of study, in not space, and in definitive uncertainty.

Does that make any fucking sense to anyone else? I'm stumped. I'm pretty sure that's senseless gibberish and hes lost out in Antarctica or something. Hes probably gonna die. Then Maggot will be mine.

Then I will skin him... slowly, hehehe.

He'll damn well deserve it. I came into my room today to find all of my stuff missing. Clothes, books, shoes, weapons, everything.

When I confronted Maggot about it, he opened up a Path door to (redundancy I know) the path to show me a big ass pile off all my stuff slowly collecting ash and feathers with one of those Things sleeping on it. One of those disgusting fucking mutants.

Think I've seen them referred to as 'Denizens'.

I covered my mouth. Once Maggot had closed the door I fucking vomited. That thing was particularly grotesque. The thought of it /touching/ all of my things ... gah, making me gag now just revisiting the thought.

I think I was about to start running and screaming at Maggot but he drop kicked me. That fucker.

I asked everyone in the compound to help me get my stuff back but I have been repeated reminded that 'You really should learn to handle your own business if you instant to keep talking and treating people like the little shithead you are.'

Unbelievably fucking useless, all of them. I will fucking kill all of them