Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Policy Change

Why hello there.

As some of you make or may not care to know, I just got back from helping Alex put down Redlight.

And that really fucking sucked. Between the headaches, the choke slams, fighting a supernatural house, and the near apocalypse we had to avert, the whole thing was a horrible shit storms of events and situations that both myself and the world might have been better off without.

And when I really stopped to think about it once I was finally home, it occurred to me that Redlight was a product of the Bureaucracy. Its been an entire year and half and we're still dealing with the fallout and depraved products the Bureau created when it came and went.

A full YEAR AND A HALF. That's fucking insane.

And yet, without them we find ourselves in a particularly difficult situation.

Many proxies fell when the Bureau did. A lot of them died. Those who didn't were forced to adopt to humbler and less protected life styles with nothing to protect them from the authorities and no one means of paying the bill.

And while we are not without standing remnants of organization, on the whole most proxies now operate in small intimate cells assuming they aren't entirely self dependent.

And I have done what I can to support these cells and independents find supplies, weapons, part time jobs, bases, and have even gone so far as to reward work done for Father with monetary compensation.

But I have not been able to do for these people what the Bureau did. I have not been able to keep them safe.

Without the overbearing hand of the Bureau to keep them in check, Father's Siblings [the other Fears] and our cousins [the servants of the other Fears] have been expanding at an extremely alarming rate.

I believe we've seen so little of the Fears because they are violently at each others throats. With Father's dominance crush and with Father himself now on his back tendril, every territorial fear is making a power grab.

And as the people of the dethroned king, we are  assholes ever other asshole is gunning for. And where the servants of other fears have a documented history of general cooperation, proxies have always been heavily divided.

I reformed the Fire Cult as a specialized task force to try to deal with this unprecedented aggression but we are not seeing the results we were hoping for. In fact, it would seem things have gotten worse. The situation have evolved in ways I could have never imagined.

The other Fears and their servants aren't just hunting proxies anymore. They've taken to hunting OUR runners justifying the maneuver as an attack against the 'Future Proxy Pool'.

This can not go on. We need a change.

No can no longer allow degenerates pretending to know Father's will reign over us, nor can we ourselves go on with the delusion that Father's will is a thing that can be known.

Its time to go back to the basics. There has always been one absolute truth when it comes to Father. One single truth that has never changed over the course of his documentation.

Father hunts runners.

And it is with that basis that the Free Market will be moving forward. No longer will it be the job of the proxy to put down the runner for this was never really ours to do. We our not his reapers. Our job as the proud selected that Father has seen fit to tolerate and spare should be to keep runners safe until Father himself is done hunting, killing, or sparing them.

I am calling for closure on the great rift that separates runners and proxies for both are brothers under Father, one simply has not met his judgement yet and it will be our task to see that judgement be it life or death finds them.

And in light of this, psychopaths and degenerates that displayed incredibly aggression to our newly claimed brothers will not be tolerated. Monsters like the Morningstar and Arkady WILL be put down.

...That said there will be some tolerance for justified personal vendettas a single person or persons. I am still very much going to kill Sloth, Picasso, and Moth...

I know not every proxy is going to agree to this. In fact, I suspect most won't. I actually anticipate we're going to lose a lot of the cells and independents that currently associate themselves with the Free Market over this. And other standing orders like the Order of Oracles may try to rain fire on us for this.

But know this. Any threat to our runners, the runners we claim or who we approve for protection under the Free Market, that isn't tall and faceless will be neutralized. Be that threat the servant of another Fear, one of Father's proxies, or fucking Fear itself.

For these people are our brothers and we are their guardians.

-The Lord Guardian Fracture


  1. So, was this because of your time with Alex, or did you just completely completely lose your mind?

    That said, if you're in the runner protecting business how much for a couple of bodyguards?

    1. This is something I've been thinking about since the Bureau fell.

      And bodyguards that may very well hold you down by your hands and knees when Ol' Slendy rolls around are free. Its pendants on if we determine you have the need.

  2. This goes against the grain for a lot of people. I'm impressed that you have spoken your mind. But if you were to implement it, it'd be one hell of a transition for everyone. Not to say it wouldn't work. In fact I kind of wish you had said this before Morningstar got his paws on me.

    I am in Europe and I will stay in Europe, but it's nice to know someone somewhere doesn't have to get tortured.

  3. Think you can stop us from hunting down runners? Think again.

    1. Nothing violence can't solve should the need arrive.

  4. Look at your self-glorified ass, no wonder I never liked you. You write as if you know how every piece should stand in this game, it's funny seeing you dictate what the roles should be. It's funny that you call those people "Degenerates" when you yourself act exactly like them, you talk like them, in fact, you remind me a lot of Arkady and Skywalker, at least they didn't tell anyone where they stand, those two just did what the hell they wanted to...well maybe not Skywalker, since he was being controlled or some BS like that.

    Hunts runners, huh? Biggest, pile of shit, I've ever heard in my life, I'm surprised you make such a stupid assumption. Your precious "Father" doesn't hunt only runners, he hunts absolutely everyone and everything: Runner, Proxy, Other Servant, Fear, doesn't matter, that's the single truth you need to know.

    You think there's a difference between "Runner" and "Proxy"? No, not really, all of them are a same, steaming pile of shit, which can be easily brain washed, manipulated, tricked and deceived. And most of them will agree with you, which is sad, this formula existed way before The Game began, way before Marshmallow came into the picture, thank God I was locked away for most of my childhood.

    1. Let me try to sum up your mess of vomit for you there.

      Clearly I, dispute my massive charity effort that I call the Free Market, am a degenerate. I, the gentle soul that I am, who refuses to kill am clearly just like those psychotic cannibalistic murderous degenerates, Arkady and Morningstar. Clearly.

      Father hunts everyone. Ignore the long standing records of scores of proxies serving under him for long periods of time. None of which were hunted by him during their service if they remained loyal. No. Clearly father hunts everyone.

      Runners and Proxies are both people. Which makes them the same. Ignore their extreme differences in behavior/psychosis and their extreme opposite reactions to Father. Clearly, they are exactly the same.
      Also, there is apparently a formula. It involves marshmallows. My guess is its:

      ([Proxy]/[Runers] + [Marshmellows] = [Slender Man])

      "Blah, blah,blah, my childhood sucks."

      That about cover it, Mr. Cadabra?

    2. Get a load of this bandaged fucker. You always write as if you know me, as if you know others, you criticise others for making assumptions and then turn around and claim people shouldn't take you seriously since you're only making assumptions. Like, you always claim Alexandria is gonna kill me, but I've just been beating her with a gun and watching her drift in and out of consciousness.

      You don't think there is a difference between Runner and Proxy? You might not distinguish between the two. The Apparition might not either. But there is a difference between a man who loves heights and a man who fears heights, even thought heights could and would kill either of them.

      Fuck God for not keeping you locked away; I sure could have done with it.

  5. Exactly what I'm talking about.

    Your so limited that you can't even look past the most simplest things: "They do murder and cannibalism, I don't." Just because you don't kill, rape, eat human flesh, whatever, doesn't mean that you're any different than them. You're probably even worse, in fact, you're the mental kind, the one who likes to twist and twirl the words in such a way, that even your victims take your side, quite a talent, just as bad.

    Ignore the long standing records of runners still living to this very day, oh sure, they don't have blogs and all that fancy stuff, just like most proxies, in fact, there are some "Runners" who are living their lives quite peacefully, only because Marshmallow hasn't touched them for a very long time. He clearly does hunt everyone, everyone who would make an amusing prey.

    Doesn't matter how they act, who/what they believe in, the only difference, is that there are weak ones, and there are strong ones (In both party's might I add). That's it, nothing else and I'm not talking about strength in numbers, weaponry, money, non of that materialized bullshit, but as I said before, you're too limited to see past the most obvious things. Or maybe you just don't want to, maybe the numbers make you feel safe, you feel happy in your little prison you built around yourself? Well, enjoy, living out the rest of your meaningless life.

    As for you Artyomka, I don't need no assumptions to figure you out, I thought we covered this before, the only reason why you beat on her, bully her, follow her, torment her, is because you want to take revenge on your wife, but since you can't physically get a hold of her anymore, you dish out your revenge on the next best thing, your daughter.

    I don't criticize when people make assumptions, I criticize, when people confuse Assumptions for Facts, which is exactly what Mr. Wuss Wuss did up there in his post. He thinks, he knows how everything should be, he dictates where everyone should stand and how everything should turn, he's not making an assumption, he's stating a fact, a falsified fact.

    I do agree with you about the heights part, some people have the balls to create their own worlds, some people don't have enough balls, so they fall slaves to other people's worlds. But in that regard, a runner can be, just as strong as a proxy, take me...hell lets take you for example Artyomka. Do you follow anyones rules? Nope. Do you obey some faceless man? Nope. Do you fear the faceless man (I don't know, but just for the hell of it, lets say 'No')? Nope. You do, what you want, whenever you want, wherever you want? Why? As much as I hate to admit it, you have the balls to do it, your not limited by fear. Now let me ask you. Are you a proxy? I don't think so. Are you a runner? Nope.

    The only reason why titles Proxy and Runner, and any other title people surround themselves with, is only because they are afraid, of facing themselves, they are afraid to step outside of their comfort zone. Proxies are scared shitless of disobeying their orders. Runners are scared shitless of doing something about their situation, they'd rather survive, for no fucking reason. Both of them, are scared shitless of DEATH, that fear limits both of them, I don't give a fuck who has more finances, guns, people, all those things, after you die, they don't matter, you can't take anything with you to the other side. That's why both of them, are no different from each other, there are OBVIOUS differences, but deep at the core of it, all of them are scared, little puppies, only a few have legitimate reason to be a Proxy, or Runner, but that is only a few and that is a BIG "Few".

    P.S. I never said my childhood sucked, I quite enjoyed my childhood to be honest.

    1. What was that?Sorry, I can't hear you over your impenetrable wall of fucking text.

    2. Are you gonna make me read all that??! Christ, economise with your words.

      Let me spell this out for you.

      Everyone, in their heads, sees the world differently to each other, in equally beautiful and complex ways. You are not the most special of all the snowflakes. For example, Fracture is a doctor. His knowledge affects how he sees the world. I have schizoaffective disorder - the chemicals in my brain affect how I see the world. My daughter has Aspergers - by definition she saw the world in a radically different way to you and I, albeit a stupid way.

      Now get your head around this: Some people see Runners and Proxies. Now, I don't give a shit what you think I am, whether you think it's a social construct or not, what matters is, some people see a difference. You might not see one. And if you don't, I can't think of why it would bother you so fucking much, considering it's not something you have to get involved with. Not unless you have a major superiority complex that you want us to validate.

      Next, if you're going to criticise me, you could at least get your facts right. Cătălina was not my wife. We cohabited. But she wasn't my wife. Next, Alexandria ratted me out to the police. This murder thing's standard procedure.

      I'd address the rest of your idiocy, but, I have a troubled teen-sized grave to dig.

    3. Let them see the world differently, if they wanna see Proxy and Runner, let them, I'm not saying they can't, you idiot. What I'm saying is that there is a clear difference between Assuming and Stating Falsified Facts, Mr. Wuss Wuss says that Proxies must contain Runners for Marshmallow, that that's how it was, is and will be (For whatever fucking reason). That is stating a falsified fact, I'd be nice if he assumed it, but no, he is playing a God, telling everyone, how everything should be, and knowing these two factions, they will believe him, which is sad. Furthermore he is also stating, I repeat STATING that Marshmallow has always hunted Runners, he is stating that he knows what Marshmallow does, which if you ask me, is kind of impossible, nobody knows what Marshmallow does, why he does and with who he does it. There are historical facts however, of him killing both Runner and Proxy, however Mr. Wuss Wuss just throws all of that out the window and says that THIS IS WHAT Marshmallow DOES. That is where I have a problem with this post, get it? Probably not.

      The way you obsess with her, might as well make wife and husband, it doesn't matter really. I call bullshit for your reason on tormenting her right now, why did you torment her before then? Huh? She didn't rat you out to the police back then. Yet you still continued to do the shit you are doing to her right now. All that bullshit before about being a good father, you never gave a shit, you just wanted to make her suffer.

    4. Sure, before then. But what I've done now was just standard procedure on those who betray me.

      Yadda yadda ya, don't care, it's not like her stepdad was any better, it's not like she knew what a good father was like anyway.

    5. Lets reiterate it for effect. Father hunts runners.