Friday, August 10, 2012


“You’ll never get an apology out of me, bitch.
I can never take back anything I do because it’s done.
There is no point second guessing it because of that.
If I did it, it must have been the right thing to do!”

-Duckie in regards to Firecracker’s brother.


Mr. Duck lives and I have a serious headache over it. I beat that bitch there, he was mine. He couldn't do anything. ANNNNYYYTTHING. He was fast a fucking sleep! I could have casually strolled up and SLIT HIS THROAT! No more Duck… no more PAIN…. But that screaming. The constant fucking SCREAMING. I can still hear it in the walls. I keep punching them but they won’t stop! Shut up. SHUt Up. SHUTTUP!

West is hardly a worthy distraction with his ridiculous fucking bear-ness! That is to say he is a big scary fucking bear of a man! His ridiculousness fit right in with Trent. Birds of a feather have no personality together! And then that fucker called me needy!

I should really try to straighten this out into some sort of order.

1. Went with bitch to find Mr. Duck.
4. Did not find Mr. Duck.
9. Received anonymous tip telling us where Mr. Duck was.
10. Beat bitch to Mr. Duck.
12. Fail to kill mister Duck. THERE WAS NO CRYING!
15. Go home.
28. Bitch and Bear show up at home with Mr. Duck.
31. Punch screaming walls! FUCK WALLS


33. Find out bitch and bear aren’t leaving.
36. Smother self.
1003. Come back as zombie and write STUPID fucking progress report.
-299. Fail at list making.

I think I need to go kill something. NEED painting materials.

Mission failed, are you fucking happy Mr. Rock Monster!
I hope your ridiculous granite body finds a way to burn in hell!


  1. You think I am a bear? And that I'm scary? Thankyou Squib. Though I am glad you didn't kill Swan, Ember wouldn't have been happy.

    1. Ember and Swan can go find a nice pit to burn in for all I care silly bear! You're far more ridiculous than scary and nearly twice as hairy. Keep calling be squib and I'll beat you boneless like a fucking squid!

      Poetry as dictated by,

  2. Aww... I love you too dear.
    But hey, at least you're alive to be pissed off about it. I was already counting you dead whether you succeeded or not.

    1. Daww. Love. Makes me want to smother something, that's probably not healthy or something. You know, for other people. I'll be fine.

      I'll not hear the ridiculous son of a bitch who should be long dead from months of ridiculous-son-of-a-bitchery he pulled involving water guns, ponies, sages, and a declaration of suicide against Father himself sit here and count me as dead! If your stupid ass can survive all that, I can out live and kill Mr. Duck.

      Smothering time!

  3. So Swan is back, you're housing Ember and West, and they've all kicked your ass to an extent. Is that about right, hun?

    1. Yes, YES, and FUCK NO! Mr. Duck was unconscious,I beat Ember and West there and then SCREAMING! CONSTANT FUCKING SCREAMING. So I let them take him. Couldn't really focus. No ass kicking! I won with no benefits! Ever! Because apparently fuck me! Burn down the fucking world. I don't have to deal with this shit! I'm going to France.