Friday, August 24, 2012

Cherry Topper

Call me sadistic or an ass for it, but I’ve got to say this has been a great few weeks.

After his time spent sleep deprived and on the run, subject 926 was brought back remotivated, in full swing, and in serious pain. It was a beautiful trifecta. I find it likely he had been holding back before now and trying to deal with a great number of conflicting emotions. He really is so much like those stupid fucking fire cultists. It was never good enough for them to be at war with the world, they had to be at war with themselves too. You never get anything done like that though.

Time to really test that new found conviction of Duckie’s.
As the cherry on top of the shake that is this fan-fucking-tastic week I have a great hidden truth to reveal to the world. ‘Ember Fay’ is a traitor. She’s been killing her Backers one by one. I’ve just sent Theta the proof, a picture of Ember attacking the now dead backer they called ‘Smith’ and a voiced confession by Ember herself. This is an official black listing. Ember Fay has defected and is not to be trusted. All active agents and personnel within our ranks must terminate Ember on sight or alert us to Ember’s presence so someone more capable can be sent to handle the situation. Failure to comply can and will result in your immediate termination. No more traitors will be tolerated to any extent.

God I love my job.
Fracture Out.


  1. Holy shit...

    Apparently I missed quite a bit.

    I don't want ember to die...

    1. Ember did this. None of this ever had to happen.
      But people are never satisfied. They always want more.

      Now a lot of people are going to die.
      I hope you're proud of yourself.
      This has become Salome's Legacy.

    2. No.
      You did this.
      You don't care about the ones who die.
      So long as it isn't you.

      You could have waited.
      But you did not.
      You jumped in and people will die.

      Forget your back Fracture.
      Watch your front.

    3. Every death is a resource wasted on your war caused by your ill advised actions.

      It's a waste of life and effort. I'll be sure to make sure Theta knows to inform me when he resolves the situation. After all, we have a chess board to run and we need to know the pawns are done killing each other.