Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[He left this blank so I named this post 'Frank' for him.]

“There is nothing but peace when you die so why would you spend a single second in the waking world looking for it. 
That would be retarded.”

Tired. Trying to catch up on sleep but needed to catch up on derelict duties. Can’t stop hunting.
[Sure Ember hasn’t helped much in that getting rest department. Bowchikawowow.]

Killed nine people in the last 4 days. No time for sport. Shot them. Threw one guys off a roof. That was funny. Splat!
[It’s always funny when it happens to someone else isn’t it Duckie? As a post note to any readers, he couldn’t see these at the time that he wrote this. I added these after the fact, that’s why he isn’t freaking out… yet. Just thought I would clear that up.]

So much paperwork for… every little thing. Damaged property, notice of death without proper forms, killing too many people in one day, poor subordination control, and my favorite, ‘Running’. Fucking generalizations.
[Although still entirely accurate, he did 'run'.]

Budget has been cut in half over Firecasso burning up parts of the place.

She’s super mad. Little disappointed I’m alive. I’m a poor fucking teacher apparently or I wouldn’t be.
[Blah blah blah, I’m whiny and suicidal! I live on borrowed time! They’re going to take it back! Fucking cry baby.]

She got called to those fucking Maskless bastards. Training or something. More like a week of quiet. Hope those bastards burn.
[Blah blah blah, blind hatred for people he has never met.]

Ember has been over. Keeps me safe.
[Among other things, WOAH!]
West passes back and forth.
[See, I don’t even have to try on that one. Too easy.]

Trent… still doesn’t fucking talk.
[Blah blah blah, Trent.]

Fracture is back... punched him. Like a lot.
[Yeah, that part kind of sucked. And by punched, he of course means sucker punched me leading into a 5 minute beating... good times.]

Had freaky ass daymares while I was ‘running’. Talk about it next time.
[Ha ha. Daymares.]

Swan out! [Fracture out!]


  1. Regardless, I'm glad that the staus quo hasn't changed in that you're both alive and yourselves. /sniff. I missed you boys.

    1. Oh god damn it Fracture. Quit writing on my writings!
      The status quo will be good and dead if I can ever prove he was the one beind that sleep shit. He should be the one explaining this shit to endless paperwork, not me!


      ...I missed you too. How's the baby?

    2. Dear lord, I knew he was evil, but paperwork? Mein gott, Fracture....you know how to torture a man. o,o

      Well, my friend-- judging my the amount of kicks in the spleen from my stomach that I've been on the receiving end of lately, I'd wager that the baby's doing well. ^^ Just a few more weeks now, yes?

    3. Wish I could blame him specifically for that too but as I understand it, 'it all comes down a line'.

      Not sure, you tell me, you're carrying him. Sounds like a violent little creature.

    4. Ahhh, I wish I wasn't on a fine line between siding with either of you, or else I'd encourage you to throw him out another window somewhere down the road.

      -_-; It's a manner of speaking, Angry Bird. Damnin' a woman for her colloquialisms.....either ways. Yeah, I'd wager that he's inherited his mother's attitude-- as opposed to his father's lack thereof.

    5. I probably will when he stops expecting it.

      May the world tremble.

  2. Fracture,
    I do not believe
    I have said "I hate you." today.
    I hate you.

    1. You said it 3 times in the last hour if I don't count the death threat I found that included one.

    2. I said a death threat?
      Oh... I suppose I did.
      Duckling must be rubbing off on me.


      Don't you dare.

    3. I can't make that joke. He's not rubbing off on you if you're the one grinding into him like a dog.

    4. I'm sure you know.
      All I do is watch over him when he sleeps.
      And I am reasonably sure you do too.
      West says that makes you creepy.

      I agree with him.
      Stop it.

    5. I don't actually. I don't have that compulsion that drives me from one obviously abusive relationship to the next.

    6. Still think you should've done what I suggested Ember.

    7. I agree Raggedy.
      I am still debating it.