Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In which shit happens while I spend an entire month recounting the events of one week.

In which that is entirely David's fault.
I don't know why yet but if you give me an hour or so I can make something up.

In which reference.

In which I stop "in which"ing.

I think the title says it. I did not spend an entire month visiting Mother. I just spent all my blogging free time talking about it over the course of January. It just felt important I guess? So important I got really fucking wordy about it and map quested that shit out for anyone stupid enough to try to repeat the trip I made. Its just hard to differentiate between what is and is not important you know? It takes every step of a trip to form a journey, right?

Did you know question marks? Constant questions marks. Its how you win.

Quick disclaimer, those questions where rhetorical. Don't like, actually answer them in the comments.

So yeah. I've been up to other stuff all month.

Devil, 'the Fire', and I have been out on the ground floor with the Finest fucking with the loop Picasso, Moth, and Navi tried to escape into. It was real nice of them to corner themselves like that for us. Navi is right in that post I linked. First thing we did was alter the loop so they wouldn't remember the day prior when it reset. I have no idea why that didn't work on Moth. That's kind of weird. 

Once they where trapped doing the same thing over and over again, more or less, we started the process of taking the loop apart until all that remained was a 15 ft by 15 ft box. And just to make sure at no point of that process they could Path out of there to safety, we had the Finest jumping in and out of the Path to keep the denizens from wandering away from the area the loop was technically overlaying.

Once we had the loop down to just a room, we had 'The Fire' and the Finest's fire shaman flood the room with fire. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why loops where so secretive in their hay day. Because if you knew where one was anchored, you could stand just outside of it and fuck with it's residents.

You know, provided you had a Crafter.

But the important take away here is Picasso, Moth, and Navi are dead. 
'Wrath is Fathomless' is over. 
I win.

We're in the process of collecting Moth and Picasso's remains from the path now. We've already pulled Navi's charred corpse out of that loop.

Can you believe Navi was nursing an armed bomb in there? She never mentioned it on their blog, but she was. I get the sense she was gonna try to take as many of us with her as possible if we hadn't set the room a blaze. I guess I made the right call there not being merciful.

Blatant transition to something else.

So, when I wasn't out shooting the shit with my Finest and my crack team of shit Crafters, (and wasn't out in the Screaming Tower [Naturally {Annotation inception ///Holy shit, four layers///}]) I payed a visit to someone way out of my natural jurisdiction. Like, further out of it than I think most of you will inherently think to conceive.

Far way. Way, far way. In case any of you are too lazy to click the link, that someone is Alex from 'Eyes of Tomorrow'. I've paid a few visits to 'em now. My first trip out was to make sure the poor sap wasn't on a wild goose chase. I had a hunch Redlight might have been in Alex's head. After all, that's what happened to Alex's spouse, Sam/Nightscream.

After I confronted Alex with the theory, Alex let me have a peek inside it's noodle. Which was extremely painful for all parties involved. Oh what the neighbors must have thought to hear two grown adults screaming in the next room. But I was able to confirm Redlight wasn't in Alex's head so that almost makes the trauma worth it. Far less worth it than finding and killing Redlight but... nearly almost kind of worth it.

Hopefully I will never fucking have to do that shit again.

Seriously, fuck that.

So once the foreplay was out of the way, we got to talking. And all I can really say about our pillow talk is Alex needs some things for it's Redlight hunt so I'm helping it find said things. Like that 'book'.

I've dropped in on it once or twice since then, announced of course, to flirt incessantly and discuss our next step. Things I can't really go into detail on. There are far to many malcontents that read these blogs after all.

And that was my month. I visited Mother at her Screaming tower and got knifed in the gut over a sales pitch for a new show. I tortured Moth, Picasso, and Navi to death while I shot the shit with my close co-workers and underlings. And I lost my mental virginity to a unisex cyclops in a motel they didn't even pay for, we broke in, to find nothing but utter disappointment and pain.

January was a hell of a month.

Fracture out.


  1. Am ințeles ca de referinta!

    I like to think I keep up with the jargon, but what is a Crafter?

    Janurary was a hell of a month; Kelevra backstabbed me on my birthday, the 25th of January. I'm seventeen now! And if I stay alive one more year I shall be eighteen, which I am very much looking forward to.

    1. Well the guy constantly betrays you betrayed you and you're aging. Yet you seem so surprised by both of these things.


      A Crafter is a very special kind of person. They are usually trained to be what they are from like, 5. The younger the better. Now that the order doesn't exist anymore, at least not in America, they are rather rare. If anyone still trains them, I'd look to the government agencies (although that's a conspiracy theory) and the various splintered divisions that still stand in some major cities.

    2. Well the guy who constantly betrays you*

  2. I don't understand the reference.

  3. "Mental Virginity".

    Worst. Dom. Ever. My headache lasted damn DAYS!! Half figured you ruptured something in there. Internal bleeding of the brain is the very LAST thing I need right now, thank you very much...

    1. Starting to sound like this "book" was the eldritch version of 50 Shades Of Grey.

    2. I know you loved it Alex baby but it pains me because I know you were thinking of Sam the whole time.

      As an aside, there is no Eldritch version of 50 Shades of Grey. The closest thing they have to that would be 'Two Gods, One World.'