Sunday, February 23, 2014

Just Hold me Tight

... And tell me you'll miss me.

I love that song. As I'm certain everyone enjoys me ripping sentences from the lyrics of random songs to make some of these titles.

So, this is an update post. Here are some updates.


First off is the Bounty Board

I've added two more bounties to the board, Nat and Sloth. I figured the proxy/runner/cult community should also be allowed to collect on their hides since I offered a few Gangs in Mexico a similar deal. Fair is fair after all. Happy hunting.

I also created a section at the end their listing Bounties that have already been collected on. Its not entirely done but like the rest of the board it does the job.

As per David Bank's request, any bounties he kills are added to his own so now hes worth $125,000 for killing Nightscream. Enjoy Mr. Banks. I'm always happy to support the Sages.

And as a final note for the bounty board I've updated the links on Nat's, Sloth's, David's, and Em's bounties so they'll take you to their blogger accounts. I've been meaning to do that for all the bounties but I can't be bothered.


Second on the agenda.

So, Diana is dead. Quite dead. Has been for a few weeks now I think. 

I can't say that I'll miss her but its almost always sad to see a soul ripped from this world. A notable exception being Sloth. Fuck that guy. God I hope someone kills his lazy ass.

But back on topic. The pencil pusher is dead. And with her death, so too did the last living member of the Phoenix Division of the Order of Oracles pass from this world into a fresh new unending hell. Such is the fate of our bravest... and turncoats.... and random teenagers.... unfortunate bystanders... and everyone watching Marble Hornets. A lot of people. Such is the fate of many.

The point of this matter on the agenda, however, is this promise. One I made like... almost a year ago now.

Since no one survived, there will likely be no new Oracle to take over the resources I've collected in Phoenix. At least, not one that will emerge for me. Oracles gravitate to the Order, so to make sure an actual Oracle gets it (Especially in light of the fact that Truth was a fake) I've handed all those resources over to the Order through my favorite 'Handler' rank proxy from said Order. In addition to that, I've also given that proxy the $100,000 dollar bounty Truth had me put on Arkady's head since hes good and dead.

Have fun kiddo. Sorry I called you kiddo. Don't hurt me.


BAM 3: Infinate sadness.

So, the results came back on those corpses. Two of them are who I thought they were. Masks turned by Sloth to help Picasso and Moth fight me.

The third one... is a farmer who went missing a day before we raided the loop with no prior cult/proxy/runner connection of any kind as best I could tell. I braved asking Father if he knew who she was. What I found out was no, he had never heard of her. At least I'm pretty sure that's what he said. Its really hard to interpret his 'talking' after he slams your face against the wall. Pretty sure, I have a concussion.

How very odd that two of my Masks would randomly kidnap an Uninitiated girl to participate in their desperate suicidal ploy. So odd. Wonder if the third missing mask just took a vacation and we didn't notice. They don't talk after all... not to hard to imagine we just happened to have missed that... hmm...

I would like to take a moment to say something about the dead female Mask. Otheos. I... I had a little crush on her. She was something special. Bright. Beautiful. She even dyed her hair white to look more like me. She was absolutely smitten with me. Like a puppy. But with less hair. And in a mask.

I had her take the Mask Cult's vow and distanced myself from her because... it just didn't feel right. I get them so young. When they grow up, all I still see is the terrified child I pulled out of the gutter and tortured into a serial killer worshiping a tall faceless well dressed monster. 

But I wish I could tell her that I did care. And I'm sorry if I drove her to this in any way. And she should go fuck herself for turning like that. I raised her beater than that and I can trace the scars on her body that prove it. Rot in hell Otheos. You get what you deserve.

... Sorry if that got too touching and emotional... losing her... its put me in this loving emotional state...

I'm an absolute wreck. Much like the tattered remains of her stupid traitorous face. 

And as a last note, happy birthday Moth. Fuck you. Go die.

The Lord Guardian Fracture, best parent ever, out.


  1. Oh yes, you're so fucking good to your people, and so loyal to the skinny fucker.

    Maybe he wouldn't give you concussions if you stopped trying to kill the people he wants alive.

    1. And what makes you think he wants you and shit breath alive?

    2. Not me, you fucktard. Them.

    3. And why exactly would he be so keen on keeping them alive?

    4. I dunno, maybe because they're still doing his work? We all are.

    5. No, you're not. You're actions threaten to destroy it.

  2. Ah, the always-present to-do list. Fun, that.

    1. Quite so. My favorite part of the day is looking at the list of things I failed to do.

  3. Well, now I can't interact with David Banks without seeing a big pile of money where there should be a person.

    1. Sorry, no. David Banks is mine. You'd probably just get raped anyway.

    2. Because Fracture would totally give you the money no strings attached.

    3. It's not about the money.