Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I've Been Had

My god, if I could ever be bothered to update that fucking bounty board I would be incredibly fucking pissed at all the back tracking I would need to do right now.

So, I didn't believe this at first. Nor did I find this particularly convincing.

I figured Sloth was trying to fuck with me or something. Or maybe Justice from the New York division. He hardly seems to need a reason to do things in my experience, an experience that will burn forever fresh in my mind through everlasting petty spite. 

Insert my own blog's name here.

Hell, I wouldn't put it past Nat either. She writes at a second grade level to my understanding but even that Latino thunder cunt would probably be able to guess whatever simple minded and inane thing Picasso has her password set to.

Probably something along the lines of 'duckiemustdie'.

Not to mention just about anyone can pretend to be Picasso. Just TALK like THIS randomly and sound REALLY pissed off at everything and throw in something silly like CANTALOUPE

And even looking beyond the obvious suspects, I'm still convinced  the government and the Manufactured Newborn are fucking with me and if that is true either one of them would get a real kick out of sending me on an endless wild goose chase to hunt the dead...

Even still beyond that, I just really wanted them to be dead. I wanted this to be over. Instead I'm looking at three more unnecessary corpses.

The blood work came back earlier today confirming beyond any reasonable shadow of a doubt that none of the bodies we recovered belong to Picasso, Moth, or Navi. And as all three corpses were damaged beyond recognition, further tests will be necessary to determine who the fuck these people actually were.

We unfortunately don't have an extensive spread on blood work and DNA samples, but we can track down official dental records and cross reference the identity gained there with the known identities of runners and proxies and their collective aliases. That kind of information I can get an extensive spread on.

I don't need an extensive spread though. Three of my Masks have gone missing. A boy and two girls of Picasso, Moth, and Navi's general builds. The hair color's aren't quite right but dying hair is a thing.

So right now I'm just pulling those three's particular files to confirm it was them as a means of double checking because I'm 99% sure it's their corpses I'm staring at.

A talk with the phone company confirmed for me that the last dozen or so calls all three of them had received were from Sloth, Moth, and Picasso.

It absolutely fascinates me that Sloth apparently has enough weigh left over around here, even after I ousted him as a traitor, to flip Masks. Masks! We're talking about cultists that worship Father to such an unreasonable extent that they choose to act like hollows as a show of loyalty to him.

And apparently all Sloth had to do to put an end to all that was call them. Just a few calls and they were apparently happy to sacrifice themselves just to fuck with Father and I in a rather desperate bid to buy those psychopaths more time.

I just... don't fucking understand. We were so close. We were closing in on them. They were desperate. They were making mistakes. And now thanks to Sloth's little decoy I don't fucking know where they are anymore.

Its... just not fair...


  1. Never, ever let your guard down. Ever.

    1. You know I never let my guard down? I just can't see the moles coming. The vision-less bottom feeding filth just seem to have a way of sneaking up on you, you know?

  2. Replies
    1. Still trying to reach your daughter I see. Should really address her by name when you try to do that.

  3. Replies
    1. Sorry kiddo. Wasn't talking to you.

      Fucking internets. I'm too old for this shit.

    2. Ah, makes sense. Can I ask how old you are?

    3. That's entirely dependent on how ready you are to accept what I say?

    4. Well, considering that we live in a world where there are creatures that bend our understanding of pretty much everything, I'm probably willing to accept almost anything.

    5. Just 40? I was expecting 60 or 70 with how you worded that, But, I guess 40 is kind of old for what you do.