Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wrath is a Shroud

So. It seems I win. Kind of. That may actually be a bit premature. Insanely more so than Picasso's precious commentators seem to realize. Picasso died there. She is not, however, entirely dead. Yet. But at the same time it would seem likely shes probably died ever day of this week. The 'reset' function of the loop, malfunctioning or not, would see to that.

See, a reset function sets you back to whatever state you were in when you first entered. This is true of both items and people. Usually this is done with the core exception of ones memories but that seems to be one the malfunctioning parts. The first malfunctioning part seems to be the people in the loop having to suffer through everything they experienced in reverse as the loop rolls back the clock on them. Its pretty unusual to build memories during that process. Its usually instantaneous for the people its happening to so while it technically does happen every time, Moth shouldn't be noticing it.

Second malfunction here, Moth is the only one whose memories aren't resetting. Once more, that's odd. Either its doing that out of the pure randomness of that loop's instability or Moth was the first, or last, person into the loop and those were, for some reason, the only ones determined not to have their memories reset by the crafter who last had a crack at that loop's reset function. The best way to keep someone trapped is to keep them trapped in the mindset of first arriving so they can't figure a way to escape so a reset function being designed to work like that isn't unheard of. Granted, this tends to develop ghost memories over time or/and generate different responses over time through the subtle instability it can induce in someone if left in a loop like that for too long.

The combinations of these loops malfunctions has crafted an extra sinister groundhog day effect that's driving Moth insane. Everyday, Picasso and Navi do the same exact thing as if its the first day they arrived in the loop. Then, at the end of the day, Moth is forced to relive every sensations he felt that day as the loop rolls time backwards and sets everything to how it was when they first arrived with the very exception of Moth's memories.

So much like groundhog's day, hes gonna have to keep living through that day until he figures out a way to fix the loop or escape it. And that unfortunately means that every time he dies, Picasso dies, or Navi dies in his efforts to escape the loop's looping, unless he then throws their corpse out of the loop, they will wake up the next day alive and well with no memory of ever dying... with the maddening exception of Moth of course. He'll have to remember and suffer through it every single day until he gets it right.

So they're caught in a near perfect death cycle which almost ensures my victory. As soon as the denizens wander away from that area, we'll send in the Finest to finish them and drag their corpses out into the path. As distracted as they are with the loop situation, it should be an easy kill.

So yeah... I'm pretty sure I've win. But soon. Not just yet. 

And of course, that leaves me open to start launching some side projects.

So, new project. I've announced a new sage... and here is the louder more blatant version of that announcement.

Click the above link to meet the:

Lucifer Proxy Sage

That's right. The Lucifer Sage. The light-bringing sage. In the more traditional sense of what a sage's role usually previous was, poor Azrael would be the shroud.

And I say poor Azrael because unlike the last sage I named, the Feral Rake Sage, this ones probably not gonna want to have anything to do with the role. But as the Guardian, my word is final on all titles I had out... until you die and I name a new one or until the title can be passed on to someone else worthy of the title.

So while the title may draw a lot of unwanted aggression, pile on a lot of unwanted pressure, and all the while manages to not endear any sort of comradery between the sage and his runner peers like it originally did when the titles were first forged,  Azrael is just gonna have to deal with it.

Because I have no idea where the fuck he's gonna find another Shroud sage to take his place. The question he is asking, the light hes looking for... whether he realized it or not hes studying the very essence of what makes Father tick.  And hes not doing it to fight Father like a sword would. Hes not doing it to protect that light like a shield would. Hes selfishly looking for his own light in a desperate effort to simply understand.

And that's the shroud's job, is to study Father at the core of his essence with the sole focus of understanding. In this violent age of murderous runners, this really is a question only an ex-proxy of his age could have the good sense to ask. We may very well never see another shroud again once Azrael has passed...

And hes not even gonna want the job. So it seem, you're all still fucked. Poor you.

So I have a new Sage to play with. Fun fun fun. I also have a second side project I plan to launch as well. Its a special initiative that should help cover the tracks of both proxies and runners alike from the Uninitiated.

Whats an Uninitiated? Its a term your new Sage used once that I'm absolutely infatuated with. I'm totally making that a thing. Like the 'numb', that's totally gonna catch on. I can feel it.

Anyways, I have a plan in the works to add a layer of protection between the Uninitiated and us... a painful plan for yours truly. What else is new? But that's all I can really say about it at this stage.

Well, that and this:
First step, I'm off to the Screaming Tower to meet Mother. Tune into static everyone, I may very well find myself on Tower TV.

Hugs and kisses, 
sages and wishes,
Your's Truly,
The Lord Guardian Fracture.


  1. You're going to mess with Azrael?

    Are you... fucking kidding me?

    Why did you designate him a sage? Even if ironically? Why are you going to mess with him? You fucking KNOW what he can do. You'll get hurt. Your people will get hurt.

    Please don't.

    1. Why does everyone assume I'm fucking with them. This is the great game. This is the great hunt. If there are no worthy pray, then Father is going to get bored. And I don't want to find out what that means. If human behavior is any possible indicator, then I anticipate a boredom induced feeding frenzy.

  2. A new Sage? Even though Med is still alive, but laying low? Sounds like making mistakes has turned into the common cold: Everyone's catching it.

    1. There are supposed to be three Sages at any given time.

    2. Then I'm surprised that you're choosing now to name a second. By the way, on what authority do you name people with titles?

    3. I name them as I find them. The situation is too dire to wait a second longer.

      What authority? By the Guardian's authority. Its the guardian's job to grant titles.

    4. I see. And yeah, I realized how stupid that question was. Guess I forgot who I was talking to. It's been a rough week.

    5. Please name Usain Bolt as the third sage. He may not know it but I think he is something Runners can aspire to.

    6. The sage is a specific role for people fulfilling a specific task. I don't even know who this person is.

    7. You're not alone. And I normally try to keep up with all the new faces.

    8. ...You aren't sporty people then? I was making a joke.

      Also. How on earth have you two NOT heard of Usain Bolt? He's a record breaking Olympic Jamaican sprinter. What socially isolated dystopian land are you guys from that you don't know one of the world's greatest athletes...?

    9. Well, considering the fact that I've been running for my life and am currently sitting with a broken leg, sports are not on my mind at all. Although, I see what you did there with 'I think he is something Runners can aspire to.'

    10. I'm sitting with a broken arm and ankle. But I do have sports on the brain because I can only really watch football here on the telly. Since with a film or TV show, I have to understand what they're saying, which I don't.

    11. That must stink. I never liked football. (I'm assuming you're referring to what I'd call 'soccer')

    12. Yeah, the foot-to-ball, футбол kind of football. And I like football, so it's not all bad.

    13. Yeah, not all bad. Once you get past the injuries and foreign country part, right? You gotta love being a Runner...

    14. Moscow is really nice and the people are friendly. It would just be a helluva lot easier if I had come here knowing more of the language.

      And forget the injuries. At least injuries HEAL.

      It's my fucking "FATHER" that's making me look out the window every ten seconds.

      Myeh. I'm so grumpy.

    15. I know what you mean about the languages, it's terrible to go someplace and have no way to communicate.

      And you have every right to be grumpy.

    16. Usain Bolt can eat a tendril.

      I give, no fucks.

  3. I don't actually think that proxies are qualified to hand out Titles. Besides, it's so ridiculously inaccurate. I'm not a scientist. Nor a leader. And it doesn't at all take into account my years as one of His servants. If I had to have one, I'd suppose Mystic would be most appropriate. Did you just assume that none of those around are well read enough to know what that means?

    Oh let's face it, you knew that Sage would piss me off the most. Predictable as always.

    1. Well I don't want to encourage him, but in the original sense of the word it works. You know - sage as in a wise person.

      Please don't kill him unless he threatens Elizabeth or Ryan.

    2. I had a perfect opportunity to kill him once. I didn't. What makes you think I'd do it now?

      And wise person? Really? I'm the greatest fool of all.

    3. What makes me think you'd do it now? I don't. It's just, uh, reputation. And you have a bit of a temper. Just making sure.

      No, I'm the greatest fool. Or the worst fool. If I were even deserving of a title, it'd be Bitchy Little Shit.

      And yes, you're a wise person. Wise people come up with theories and terms everyone wants to use.

    4. You aren't a fool Sanna. Tragic, perhaps. But no fool.

      And your trust in me is heartening.

    5. Why does she trust everyone except me... Christ Al-fucking-mighty.

      Az, you oughta just take the title and rock it, in next time you feel like a fool, remember Scientology. Wait. Can I get sued for saying that? Oh well.

    6. You're right. You're the perfect candidate for the Mystic. But you're the only candidate for the Shroud Sage. Since the Mystic is a more superfluous title, you're getting named sage.

      You don't need to be a scientist. And you don't need to be a leader. You just need to ask the right questions. You need to look for the right things. And off all the people who stand opposite of father, you're the only one still asking 'Why does it do that.' You are the only one trying to understand it at its essence.

      You are the only one trying to peek under the shroud to see if its a tiger, as opposed to trying to see a weak point.

      And it seems to me, your time with it is exactly what has brought you to this question. What has brought you to this path. It's all that has left you looking for the light, dear Light-Bringer.

      No one may trust you. No one may believe you. Perhaps, in a thousand years, no one will have found it in their hearts to forgive you for all you have done. But it ten thousand years, on the path runners currently walk, no one else will find the insight to fill this particular role.

      You are the only one who can be, this sage.

      No pressure.