Tuesday, September 4, 2012

“I Just Want To Set The World On Fire...

…But first, I’m going to rip out your heart.”

Fracture should be shitting himself right about now.

Arbitrary news flash, Firecracker is back and bitchier than ever. It just wasn’t quite the same around here without a third untrustable subordinate to have to worry about. I say third because it occurs to me that I shouldn’t be trusting Trent.

I’m not sure how I overlooked that particular detail but it occurred to me recently that while Trent comes off as hollowed and harmless, there is still supposedly an actual person in there and not just any person. There’s supposedly a person whose life I changed in some way. So odds are about 99:1 that he secretly and ever silently wishes to gut me, which is about a point worse than the 98:2 odds of this in proxies I haven’t wronged in some way.

And you see, the more I think about it the more Trent reminds me of a proper mask. He doesn’t ever talk, he doesn’t make noise when he walks, he never fucking takes his mask off, and in hindsight I think he’s been scarring himself to teach himself lessons. I’m not sure why I thought he was doing that because he hated himself for being a hollow. Hollows can’t hate, they aren’t people after all. If he really is a Mask, that leaves some very interesting possibilities on who it could be if he's someone from my past.

I’m half tempted to sit down with Trent and skin him slowly for answers on who he is exactly but I recently gave up talking again. I would hate to fall back into the habit after I just gave it up.

On a far less trivial note, something seems to be up with my list again.
It’s not quite as bad as the never ending onslaught of red marks I had to deal with over a short period during the summer but it is just as alarming. My list has gone almost entirely empty. There are six people on it. Short of where to find them it has little to no information about them and each mark has a little post note informing me to collect and bring back as much information from the targets as physically possible following their termination, and if at all possible to have Trent and Firecracker bring one in alive for questioning.

This is starting to feel very Kreegery. I swear to god if I lose another entire week of my life, Trent dies.

Ugly Duck Out.


  1. Well.
    For what it is worth.
    I would not like Trent to die.
    I hope your list gets back to normal.

    1. Trent tried to kill you... oh right. I forget how nice you are sometimes.

    2. Only sometimes?
      But either way.
      I do not know Trent.
      You do not either.

      Find out first.

      Then maybe make your decision.

    3. I know he helped Fracture in an incident that got my entire room trashed again.

      I've killed for a lot less.

    4. I know.
      But if he is someone...
      Someone who hates you.

      Surely it is worth knowing why.

    5. Does it matter? He hates me. He probably wants to kill me?

      Must I always be bogged down by reasons I'm pretty sure I don't care about.

    6. ... I think I made a few promises though...

  2. What the fuck is this Duckie? I thought you weren't ever going to talk again?

    1. If you can hear me talking through the text, seek psychiatric help.

    2. Seek a good psychologist.

    3. Oh. Fracture.
      By the way.
      Your bomb was kind of useless.

      I did not even get burned.
      Just thought I should say.

    4. I probably should have just set off the one I had in the elevator while you were on your way up. Damn my cartoon villainy. *Mustache Stroke *