Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Press on and Fight With All of My Might

Upon reflection, I think it might have been a good thing that Fracture never told me who I was actually fighting. I am, after all, the blogger in this set and what the organization knows of us, that isn’t covered in standardized forms and papers, comes from this blog. I think he wanted it to earnestly read in my writings that I thought I was just pursing business as usual but now that I know what we’re actually doing I know it doesn’t matter what mind games we try to play. We tried that kind of shit a half decade back with the Bureau wanna-bes and it didn’t fucking work, nearly all of us died taking them down.

Fracture had a whole campaign planned to peel at a division of the Bureaucracy from its roots up slowly. I know better than anyone that if you’re going to fight an opponent more powerful than yourself you can’t pussy foot around. You have to strike first and fast and you have to make sure that what you struck is vital and crippling, so much so that there is no doubt that if you were to walk away after that the entity you were fighting would fall apart and die on its own.

Not possible in this case. It’s going to take two strikes to bring just this division to its knees and, while I hate to admit it, that effective a strike is only possible because of Fracture. The information we’ve been collecting from our marks combined with what I can only get Fracture to refer to as ‘other sources’ has revealed what I was able to identify as a serious flaw in this division's chain of command. It is very much like a heart. Literally everything gets filtered through it and if you destroy it, this division will be no more. With the information we pull from it I bet we can even find other vulnerable spots across the rest of the Bureaucracy to bleed them dry from.

Once we rip into the heart all that will be left is to strike at the head and take out their highest. With the source of their orders taken out the division should crumble and with no database to draw from it would take literally years for the other divisions to recount and collect the assets this will put them out of contact with.

This very well may only work once and they’ll probably only give us one chance at this but god damn it are they going to feel this!

I’m not even going to be sorry if I die from this. This is a real fight, a worthy fight!

By the time this posts, we’ll have already set out for the mission. We might even be done already. We will either be dead or an entire division of the proxy hierarchy will be thrown into disarray.

Ember, I love you.

Ugly Duck out!


  1. Swan,
    I love you too.
    I hope your fight is worth it.

    1. I'll probably never know. You decide for me when I'm done if I'm ever done.