Friday, September 28, 2012

When There’s Nothing But Pain, It All Feels The Same


I guess that’s going to require more elaboration. First off, the mission was an absolute success. The heart was reportedly destroyed by Fracture and I’m just going to assume that’s true because even if it isn’t, I’m sure it’s at least somewhere where my prey can’t get at it and I can always kill Fracture later to make sure nobody knows where it is. There were some complications. Most notably: some heavy blood loss, two bullet wounds that had to have the bullets dug out, and muscle tearing!

Feeling woozy again.

Okay, feeling a little better and the shock is starting to wear off. Now I’m just fucking angry again.

More complications,
Firecracker is dead, probably. She took a bullet to heart and fell out of a window but the last time I personally killed her I slit her ankles and throw her off of an even taller building than the one we were in so I have no fucking idea if she’s even dead. It was a little heart wrenching to watch all the same; mostly because it was Trent who shot her. And it was deliberate to spite me. Shoot her to spite me, fucking proxy logic. I don’t know where he is now. He made his escape into the path when he realized he wasn’t winning his fight with me. Fucking coward. I can only assume he hasn’t actually defected but I don’t actually fucking know.

I suppose I should actually explain things.

Everything was swell at first. Fracture and Firecracker snuck into the facility. I asked Fracture how later but his answer amounted to “Somehow.” Kind of get the feeling there is so much more to get but he’s being stubborn as fuck.

While they were doing that, Trent and I snuck around the outside part of the facility and silently slit some throats.  The funny thing about stealthy security details is they never seem to expect an ambush, they’re always far too busy planning ambushes against potential security risks. The twelve of them went down relatively easy. Trent got sloppy. He accidentally let one of the patrol teams get the jump on him instead. Cost me three of my bullets to fix the problem. He was lucky the rest of the patrolling squads had already been dealt with or we would have had a series situation on our hands.

(In hindsight, I shouldn’t have saved Trent because he’s a spiteful fucking traitor!)

After that we moved to the front door. A little while later Fracture threw the front door open for us. Firecracker was reportedly out and about blocking off exits for the killing spree we were about to bring in.

“Any sign of the target?”

“Not yet. I’m thinking it might have its own security detail a few floors below ground level.”

“Think you can clear that while we take care of everything up here?”

“Does the pope shit in the woods?”

“Not if the Master hasn’t gotten him yet but I’ll take that as a yes.”

Once Firecracker showed up we started taking sweeps of the floors. It was dark, Firecracker had apparently cut the primary power and what was running was functioning off of auxiliary power sources. Fracture revealed later that that was how he found the servers he was looking for, because four auxiliary generates turned on and only one of them was powering the top half of the building.

We were quiet as we made our sweeps across the building. There were only a few well trained fighters inside the actual building. The only people who put up any real fight were a few people on the top floor. The head of security and a makeshift fortification of people he railed around himself when he figured out what was going on. I took two bullets when we came upon them, I was lucky it wasn’t a lot worse than that. We ended up tear gassing that area. There wasn’t much fight left in them after that. Not my kind of tactic but I figured this wasn’t a simple assassination anymore; this was something closer to war.

I got a call from Fracture a little while later. He informed me he had found and destroyed the servers all the data was running through and had disabled the secondary servers. I probably would have questioned him more on that matter but I could hear someone begging that they finally be allowed to be put to death on the other side of the phone and figured he was busy.

I had just hung up the phone when everyone’s attention was called to an unfamiliar voice on the other side of them room. I drew my gun as I turned.

“You know, you sicken me,” said the voice. The words sounded funny, like the speaker was learning how to say them as he spoke them. Like talking didn’t come natural.

I turned to find it was Trent. He had a gun drawn in one hand and a knife in the other. I hurt myself shifting my weight onto my bullet wound to look.


“Stop calling me that! That’s not my fucking name,” he said pointing the gun. His aim was off. I didn’t flinch.

“What is your name them? I’d like to know who I’m about to kill.”

“Moth,” he said, “You named me Moth.” I froze as he pulled off his mask and lifted his hair to reveal his ear. It was still missing a piece from where I had cut out a wedge shaped chunk from it.

“Goodbye,” he said and then fired a shot. I heard a louder noise of the window behind me shattering than should have resulted from a single bullet and turned just in time to catch a glimpse of firecracker crashing through and falling out the window.

“What the fuck?!”

He just stared at me like he didn’t understand the question.

“Why her. Your beef is with me.”

“Because I know it wounds you. It hurts you so much more than you care to admit. Because you’re weak. Because you’re an overly sentimental fuck who screams about how me wants to kill everyone around him but would sooner see them alive and well. Who calls for the death of every living being but cries after every death. Who preaches freedom but acts like an obedient dog. Who takes in children after he’s done murdering their mothers right in fucking front of them and then passes them along to be executed as soon as it is requested of him without putting up so much as a fucking fight!”

I was crying. I don’t know what hit harder, that Firecracker died over this stupid shit or that he was right.  But I knew one thing, he needed to die and he needed to die right fucking now before he caused anymore problems to the mission.

My body practically started moving on its own. It knew what to do at this point even when I myself was reluctant to. He fired a few shots, he missed. I closed in for a killing blow. He blocked it with his mask. It cracked down the side. I saw fear in his eyes and he dove through a window. I looked over the ledge in time to see he had caught onto something and used the path to drop out of the situation. I fired a shot but I think I only grazed him as he disappeared.

That was when the pain kicked in. All that movement forced the wounds open. I had to sit down so they could close. Lost quite a bit of blood there. Not long after all that Fracture showed up.

“What the fuck happened to you? Where are the kids?”

“Firecracker went out that window and her killer, Trent, took that one as his getaway.”

He looked at both the windows and then offered a hand. “Do we proceed with the mission as planned?”

“Oh stop Fracture, your concern is fucking overwhelming. Let’s get to a safe place. Need to patch up.”

And then he drove me here, wherever here is.

We can’t stay here much longer though. Our window of opportunity on that highest is closing fast. Hell, it might already be closed.

Need to keep moving, injuries or not.

Fracture here.

The above was written by Duckie over the last few days as he slowly recovered from the incident with Moth. I would like to point out that the above was not incredibly sensible before I got my hands on it. It is a product of my editing.

I should explain who Moth is I guess?

Moth was a brat Duckie took in early on in his career as a collector. At the time Duckie had a rule against killing children under the age of 12 and after killing poor Moth’s mommy Duckie decided to take Moth with him until he turned 12 so he could kill him.

I can’t say if Duckie would have gone through with it. Reports on Duckie from that time frame serve to imply that Duckie actually found himself rather attached to the child after a month of traveling with him and teaching him how to hunt and kill.

What happened serves to imply that Duckie very well may have killed the kid when the time came. Believing the kid to be a detriment to Duckie’s activities as a collector, Duckie received an order demanding he immediately had over the child to the nearest cult down so he may be used as a sacrifice fitting for Father. As the report states, ‘Duckie handed the child over without a word.’ That may sound harsh but Duckie didn’t do much talking in those days.

Off of the official records though, Duckie did spend the next therapy session crying but refused to state why. I assumed it was some kind of PTSD at the time, but greater perspective from the official records would serve to imply that this was due to the loss of Moth but that is, and likely will always be, pure speculation.

On a more current note,
Duckie is still in shit condition both physically and, as I am beginning to find out, mentally.  He’s not in fighting shape. Surgery was required to remove those bullets and he is still very much recovering from it. He however insists that we proceed with the operation anyways claiming,
“We have to act now!”

If that wasn’t bad enough, I’ve heard him talking to himself. And I looked into it, there was no one else in his room living, Slender, or otherwise. Just him. I can hear him doing it again now.

“I remembered my song. Shall I sing it for you? It starts ‘La, la la,’ remember? I miss you.”

Its really fucking disturbing.

I’m worried he won’t survive this. I’m even more worried of what the fuck he’s going to become if he does.

By the time this posts, we’ll have already set out to slay the highest.
Cross your fingers, ankles, knees, elbows, ears, eyes, and toes for us. We’re apparently going to need it.

Fracture out and Ugly Duck out of his fucking mind, apparently.


  1. Speaking on behalf of The Grigori and all of the Eyes, we thank you for making our jobs easier.

    However, if you plan to kill our father as well, we will strike you down before you can even knock on the door.


  2. You know.
    What Moth said.
    I am glad I am not the only one who saw it.
    You kill but it hurts you.

    Only he saw it as weakness.
    I saw it as strength.

    Have a good death if it comes to that
    my love.