Friday, January 2, 2015

the Righteous Side of Hell

Its gone missing. Completely disappeared.

Hello. Devil here. The Lord Devil Siera, I guess. Or just Siera. Details.

We've lost the fire cult. Nat neglected to mention that last part. Their cult use to make up a fourth of the Free Market's internal infrastructure between their training grounds, cages, dorms, offices, and shrines.

But immediately after the Fire's post that entire wing, the south wing, disappeared. It looks like someone literally ripped the building in two there and took the other half. The hallway just stops and is lined with ash and char marks. Beyond that line of char is just infinite blackness. An open void like vacuum. If this was real space and not a loop, such a vacuum would have caused the rest of the compound to decompress and implode.

Thank god for fucked up bullshit right?

We uh... we have no idea what might happen to someone who fell out into that vacuum. I've heard Fracture theorize that people who fall into the blank space of a loop are either lost there forever or eventually fall into another dimension, like the Path of Black Leaves or into the Quiet.

We uh... have put up a tarp... problem solved.

We've received a small flux in fire cultists that have decided to abandon the cult in response to the Fire's new direction for them. Nat, however, doesn't trust them. So they aren't allowed in the loop. So I'm adopting them into my ground operations. Fire cult trained personal are too valuable to pass up at any risk.

They, like all other non-mask proxies are experiencing under my care, will be enrolled into the sentinel program and be assigned runners to protect.

This influx is no where near as big as the influx of Masks we lost when she left. Roughly a third of all of Nat's Masks have abandoned their posts and forsaken their vows to sign up with the Fire cult and join the offensive to oust Sloth from power with every intent to see him murdered in the process.

One of which was actually one of Sloth's body guards and ran at him with a knife and tried to push him into the Path of Black Leaves where his death would have been very permanent. He was fortunate that his other body guard, another mask named mumbles, stayed loyal and put the first one down.

In honor of Mumbles great deeds, Sloth has promoted mumbles to be on par with both myself and Nat in rank in what he only described to be 'reasons'.

So this post stands in dedication to our new CEO Lord!

All hail Lord Inferno Mumbles, who presumably was named in an effort to undermine the Fire's title.

Lord Inferno, of course, as no current responsibilities as the wing of the Free Market he would be reining over right now is currently missing. As best that I can tell, he is still just a body guard.

Hurray for fake promotions!

The Lord Devil Siera out!

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