Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Would the Real Morningstar Please Stand Up?

Seems we're gonna have a problem here...

Fracture here reporting a rather surprising Undeath. The Morningstar lives.

[You know if feels silly that other people use my account so often that I have to announce when its actually me blogging on my own account on my own blog? Suppose that's my own fault but its silly nonetheless.] 

I personally find this to be a very disturbing upset. Not that I'm not happy that he's somehow still alive. The man is as Iconic as they come and a beacon of hope, and depravity/cannibalism, among the less sane of proxy kind. But when the last one died I went through A LOT of trouble to find his body and steal the head and I kept it buried in a pot of soil just so something like this wouldn't happen again.

Why were the Celts never right about anything because that whole process clearly does fuck all? I mean, sure it could be an impostor. That's kind of a huge risk associated with blogging. But the post has so much of that genuine Morningstar... I want to call Flair. 

That 'ummph' that you just can't fake.

I can only assume Redlight made another one. I've been trying stay out of the Stopsign's affairs but... Iblistar could make an another appearance and he is a very real threat to proxy kind.

I'll not sit Idly by to see if the shark takes the bait, I'm getting my harpoon.

Ever Insincere,
The Lord Guardian Fracture.


  1. FFFFFF-

    WHY?! Why did Morningstar return? For the love of God, STAY DOWN!

    I bet throwing him into a volcano would end him once and for all.

  2. The volcano would probably just take up the mantle. Be better at the job, too, I'm sure.

    1. Who are you?
      And I think you are correct. The volcano would do better than Luke.

    2. Would you prefer a vague non-answer or a straight answer? For the sake of politeness, here's a straight one.

      I'm Ajax. Nice to meet you.

    3. Ajax, you say? Well, hello there. Are you a Proxy or a victim?

      Perhaps you are someone who is not yet involved.

      *sigh* One can always hope...

    4. You should probably avoid getting your hopes up and focus more on anticipating the worst. Easier to avoid disappointment.

      Proxy or a victim, huh? You say that like they're mutually exclusive things.

    5. Well, they're the only 2 categories that I can think of. I haven't been involved for very long, you know. I don't know what the politics of this situation are.

  3. The Celts, you say?

    Why would you trust a society that didn't even have good toilet hygiene? What did you expect?