Friday, February 22, 2013


Sloth here... I have this... Bounty Hunter update... thing to do I guess?

Bad news for anyone hunting after Mrs. Picasso,... shes dead. Apparently.
Despite what the traitor Moth has reported, an eye witness account from the sniper we hired to take Picasso out (and confiscated security footage of the scene) has all but confirmed that Picasso bled out from her shoulder wound over the course of her attempted escape.

That is to say: We hired a sniper, they shot her, she run, and promptly bled out.
The amount of blood lose she suffered was more than fatal.

Unfortunately enough for our Sniper, Moth took off with Picasso's corpse and it has yet to be found. The shooter is thus currently unable to claim their reward for the bounty. However, Moth would have had few places to stash Picasso's body and little reason to keep it. We anticipate its recovery soon.

That news comes as kind of a bummer if you ask me. I liked Picasso. She was... a real day brighter and stuff. So full of energy. She was like... black coffee you know? Hot, bitter beyond reason, and sure to snap you awake.

But when one door closes a window opens... something like that. We have a new bounty.

Introducing, Nightscream of Whispers in the Dark. I understand he/she's like... special or something... apparently because we didn't put this hit out on him/her. We are simply hosting it for a fee on behalf of our distant cousins, the Oath Breakers. Intelligence reports of Nightscream's whereabouts/status tell us he/she's injured and easy pickings. Those reports also tell us hes/shes under the protective care of David Banks making his/her bounty several times more dangerous to try to claim.

That guys scary.

That said, Nightscream's worth a whopping $25,000.

As an additional bonus, whoever claims the bounty on Nightscream will also receive a favor from the Oath Breakers themselves... Not sure what exactly the favor could be used for but it never hurts to garner favor.

And I guess that's... everything for now. Happy hunting... I guess.

Signed Sloth,
Emissary of the Lord Guardian Fracture.


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  2. I suppose I should bring up this up. For anyone who desires to eliminate our dear Nightscream, you will have to go through my Eyes first.

    The story of Nightscream must have a satisfying conclusion. Wouldn't you agree?

    1. Take it up with the Oath Breakers. They put up the money. Turns out Doctors are loaded, go figure.

      If you want Nightscream to have a satisfying conclusion, go kill it yourself. Have fun with it. Go crazy. Be theatric. Really think outside that proxy paradigm.

  3. Like fucking hell. You lying sack of shit!

    1. I'm not lying. I'm pretty sure she's dead. Calling it as I see it.

    2. Not dead. NOOOOT dead. Seriously.

  4. You leave him alone! He has enough trouble already!

    1. Again, anonymous entity that seems to have a really strong attachment to the subject matter, this isn't personal and I sure as hell am not going to be the one to show up out of the blue to pull the trigger.

      /He/ made a lot of enemies. Take it up with them. They requested and put up the bounty.