Monday, July 9, 2012

Runner Bullshit



The following was posted over the course of two fits, the time it took for me to salvage the hard drive after the laptop was smashed at the end of the last fit, the time it took to transfer that to a new hard drive, the time it took for subject 926 to finalize his draft after all that, and the time it took for me to edit this draft with a disclaiming edit thereafter.


Edit: Edit: (?)

-Swan (ß An additional fuck you! My name is nicer!)




la, la la.

Getting ahead of myself. Let me scale back for a second or something. If I’m going to do this… I really should do it right. I’m going to take a page out of Captain Flying Rock Monster’s book and see if this isn’t easier if I try to tell it from the beginning. Keep in mind this is NOTFORFUCKINGYOU. This is for me. I need to figure out exactly what happened. Since Fracture is being extra useless this is last fucking alternative.

Since the crying has finally stopped, let’s begin.
I seem to be suffering from migraine inducing memory loss. That is to say, whenever I try to remember what the fuck happened I break out in sweat, migraines, crying, itches, and the urge to bang my head against the fucking wall. The brain pain starts whenever I try to remember anything that happened within the last, what I am assuming, 8 days and feel insanely worse the later into that time period the thing I am trying to remember is.

Roughly two days after my first post, which is about two days before that fucking painful 8 day period, I finally managed to catch Fracture off guard at the hotel. I slugged him and when he turned to face me I slammed my shovel down on top of his skull. Then we stared each other down until I was sure he knew we were good and even and left after slugging him again. I think he went to deal with his bleeding scalp. On another happy note, I spent much of the next two days throwing lit firecrackers at Firecracker because it freaks her the fuck out. Ha ha. She gets so mad.

Two days later (Fuck, I can already feel the fucking migraine start to kick in.), Fracture had me call everyone together for some stupid fucking meeting in my room. Using the book I brought back, Fracture had managed to determine the location and goals of that stupid fuck Kreeger and his stupid fucking cronies. Apparently those sick fucks had been collecting children being watched by the master and were gathering them in some shack in the fucking woods of all places in an effort to force the master in a place of their fucking choosing for a fight. They corralled the little shits by way of tranquilizer or something. It hurts a little to draw on specifics... um... the stun stick. Fracture gave me a new toy.

“I’m hoping to brin(FUCK)g some of these bastards back alive. To help you with your little killing prob(FUCKFUCKFUCK)lem, I had this made.”itswas astupid fuckingstunstick shapedlikeaknife with ahiltand everythingthat goesoff whenever you presstheknife part to anything.

FUCK. Fuckfuckfuck! Why the fuck did I do that to myself. QUIT CRYING YOU FUCKING PUSSY!

… La, la la, la la, la…

And there went the TV out the window. Fortunately, the fire escape caught it.
I’m going to go ahead and move forward and we’ll see if I can’t finish this without throwing anything else out the window. Just in case though, I have Fracture with me this time so if I do snap I won’t break anything important in the room. I’ll just break him.

So we picked up and went to Kreeger’s group’s stupid fucking hideout. First by car, FUCK, and then walking, sneaking, elephant. Once fucking close Fracture did some recon. The children were… god damn it, in the fucking basing in a giant fucking cage of all motherfucking things. Seriously, what the fuck. Nine. 2 up, 5 mid, 2 down. Firec and Tren wnet top. Frac bot. I waited 5, charged mid.






... (That one was trent.)

They missed one. Down thestairs. Firecrackerlookout!


…la, la la…

And after that I broke my laptop… on Fracture I think. I’m not sure. I think he might have moved. In which case I probably broke it on the desk. Fuck, I’m rambling.

I spent several hours looking over what I wrote to try to figure out what the fuck happened which also hurt but not nearly as much as remembering and writing it did. I… think I have a better understanding of what happened, except Firecracker isn’t dead or even hurt so, oww, sure something happened there. Fucking headache flares up at the simple fucking thought of that. ThefucKWHY...

Not even sure how we got back. Those fuckers much have fucking carried me back. And I noticed something on that end note. What in the fuck does FUCK. Ow. I’ll try to type this fast.


…mmean. Why do those two words hurt so fucking much to think about…

La, la la

I should stop before I break something again.

On a closing note, according to Fracture, all of the kids made it out alive and have been returned to... umm... somewhere? I'm assuming their homes or wherever the master was storing them. We also didn't manage to bring any of Kreeger's gang back alive which suits me just fine. Fuck those assholes, seriously. They deserved it. Fracture says the book only had ten names in it so with any luck that is the end of them.

God damn it! Even this tertiary crap is hurting my head to think about.

I can’t take anymore fucking crying,
Ugly fucking Duck out.


  1. The "Captain" is amused at how we're all going to wind up in pain killer addiction support groups one day...

    Anyways... I've noticed that whole experience sucks less and goes away faster if you're not also screaming into your head constantly trying to make it stop. Might try that.

    or keep breaking things, that helps too.

    1. Focusing on my own screaming proves a good distraction, that kind of helps.
      I do quite enjoy breaking things though Captain, I'm just sad when I come out of it and find I've been breaking my own things.

  2. I don't assume you want pity or sympathy, angry instead I'll congratulate you on killing those pieces of shit.

    1. I thank you Moon Cat. I just wish I could remember it. I hope they suffered.

    2. "Moon Cat." I like it. ^^ Makes me think of The Neverending Story.

      Knowing you, man, they probably did. Looking on the bright side, the fact that you can't remember it gives you the chance to make up your own story on how it went. Have a little fun, kill them gloriously in your own mind on repeat-- if it helps you feel better.

    3. Never hurts to hope that they suffered but it certainly doesn't help to fixate on it.

      Too many living that need my attention to keep killing the dead.

    4. Plus, it gives me a headache to think about them.

    5. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the day that being a proxy loses its fire for you, go into philosophy. Haha. We need more Insanity Wolf-esque thinkers in the world.

    6. I can't even imagine the circumstance in which that would happen... short of everyone else in the world dying or something. Even then I might just off myself.

  3. Good for you.

    As for your pain, I would recommend prescription painkillers. If you can't get those, perhaps some relaxing yoga.

    1. Can't trust pills. I have one to many untrustworthy doctors around me on a daily biases.

      Don't really have an excuse to not do yoga other than the name looks funny.

    2. It won't get rid of the pain, but it will help you push past it. Plus, you get to meet hot chicks.

      I mean, LA is just overflowing with hot chicks with yoga mats.

    3. Haha, pass. Couldn't give two shits about hot chicks and their stupid mats.