Wednesday, June 20, 2012


“Hello [Deleted].”

“Every time Fracture, every single time. Can’t let it die. One of these days someone is going to hear you and I will kill you. I will fucking bleed you dry.”

“Can we just get this session started, Mr. [Deleted]?”

“Bleed you dry!”

“I’m just going to assume that’s a yes… So where are we on your old little catch phrase?”

“My catch phrase, F?”

“Yes, your catch phrase. That stupid little thing you constantly used to say to justify your emotional disconnection.”

“I don’t recall.”

“I think it went something like, ‘Attachment is a weakness’, right? ‘I don’t miss my squad, such attachment is a weakness.’ ‘I had to give up moth, such attachment is a weakness.’ ‘I’m not sorry about what happened to Picasso, concern is attachment and that would be a weakness.’ … I think my favorite was that last one. You really had to start twisting your own words to make that fit. And I think you cried over-OWOWOWOW”

“Fracture, what did I say?”“That you’d kill me?”“Yes, I will skin you. Slowly. And then feed your skin to you!”

“You’re so afraid of your secrets getting out [Deleted].You're so attached to them. It’s almost like they're a wea-OWOWOW.”


“Calm down.”

[About 15 minutes of growling later, Duckie finds himself back in his seat and I find myself only mildly bleeding.]
“So… does that saying still hold true?”

“…True enough.”

“How’s Ember?” [This comment was followed by Duckie throwing a chair at me.]
“I can see I hit a nerve.”

“I think I’m done with this conversation.”

“Same goes for the squad you refused to send out for the first week you had them. Are you suddenly afraid of people dying on you? That sounds like a weakness.”

“Does this have a fucking point, F?”

“I just need to know if this is an issue or not. You’re not known for adjusting well to things… especially not to your own decisions. I’m not entirely sure how but I somehow predict this will also end in blind rage and your death. I’m just worried [Deleted].”

“Blah, blah, blah, threats. I hear you, ass. Are we done?”

“I suppose.”

[At this point Duckie walked over to his closet and pulled out shovel. I… well let’s just leave it at I left.]

I can smell your fear Duckie and that means they can smell it too. Tread lightly.
Fracture out.


  1. All of the banter seems to lead in circles and to even more complications. If you're still getting beaten with a shovel, then A: the therapy isn't working, and B: you've yet to take sufficient levels in badassery, Chessie.

    1. I brought up something from over 4 years ago. I might be leading this in circles. Complication is hammer of a true bureaucrat... or something.

      Moving on, A:
      I introduced shovel based violence on a previous session. Observed behaviors were put into the situation by me. Sideways progress but I am apparently having some impact, the system works.

      I never said I was beaten with a shovel. Unless the title of this blog is any indicator, he should calm down eventually and it'll be safe to be around him again.

    2. I thought true bureaucrats used big sticks instead of hammers?

      A: Alright, sideways progress. Are you sure forward progress is even possible, given Swan's personality? Getting him to attack you with a shovel couldn't have been all that hard.

      B: He really, truly believes the whole title deal, so.....I'd watch your back.

    3. We use complication instead of anything!

      I'm just going to keep pulling strings and we'll see what the puppet does.

      Yeah, that was kind of what I was afraid of. At least wrath isn't proactive.

  2. So...

    is there a betting pool somewhere for which one of you finally kills the other first?

    1. I got 100 dollars riding on him dying on his own in heavy irony. What is your bet?

  3. I never knew you proxies could be so amusing.

    I'm impressed.

    Neither of you would be willing to give any hints to where one could potentially find your master I assume?

    1. Start drawing Operator symbols everywhere. Even better, give out your home address and your personal information. Either one of his proxies will find you, or you'll start running and he'll chase you out of boredom. Solution: found.

    2. Your guess is as good as mine. I haven't seen him since I died a few months back. And before that it was a good ten years.

    3. Though I'm sure that advice works Ms. Amy my intention is to find him before he finds me.

      Otherwise yes it would be simple to just do everything we're told not to do.