Wednesday, June 13, 2012

As the Flames Settle

So, about nine days ago I had never heard of a red alert before. It simply didn’t happen.

We’ve spent the last nine days hunting three to five red marked names at a time, each with a twenty-four hour grace period to get the job done before Master knows what happens. Yesterday I caught Fracture playing with his phone again. He’s been at that nonstop just about every time I see him. When I caught him going at it yesterday in the middle of my fucking hunt I finally took the damn thing and I snapped it in half. I left a little message for whoever the hell he was talking to.

About twelve hours later the red alerts stopped. I’m not entirely sure what to make of that.

Inconclusive, as Fracture may or may not say. I’m not too sure on that either. He’s been a super sourpuss since I broke his phone and isn’t really talking to me right now. I think I’ve missed that, the him not talking. It was nice have someone to talk to for a while but that got old. I’ve been enjoying Trent’s company in our precious little downtime; he just sits there and gets things for you if you point at them. It’s kind of amusing.

 I’ve been sending Firecracker on all the far trips. I don’t like being around her. Quite frankly I have a hard time not tackling her in a preemptive strike every time I see her. And not just because she has been hunting me on and off for two years, she looks like a fucking maskless and fuck those guys. Seriously, if any of you shitheads are still out there I will kill you if I ever find you. I will bleed you all dry and burn what’s left. So it’s good to have her as far away from me as possible until I get over that instinct or something.

Let’s see… oh. Here is another interesting note; Creeger was the only bolded name to have come up in all this time. I also don’t know what that means to be completely honest. I mean they happen from time to time but I don’t actually know what the bolding means.  Prioritizing beyond the red and yellow marks maybe? I know I’ve had the list for four years now but it doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

… Right! Creeger.
I gave Fracture the book I found and he never gave it back.  He said, this is invaluable and every time I’ve brought it up since then he’s informed me he was still working on decoding it. That was until I broke his phone. I don’t know where we are on that anymore. I just want to read the damn thing. Anyone driven to the point of booby trapping their entire house must have some incredible fucking stories… or have never heard of fire. How do they never see that coming?

God, I just keep rambling don’t I?
Here is the long and short of it, we got worked to shit and we’re taking the next few days easy in case the list freaks out on us again.

Nap time,
Swan out!


  1. Your squad sounds unbalanced on personal levels which will eventually lead to complications. I look forward to this day.

  2. These "maskless" you keep going off about, sound....ridiculously unpleasant. What did they do to you, angry bird?

    1. You're so petty. I think they made a terrible phone game after you..

    2. I think I've seen Fracture playing that.