Thursday, May 31, 2012

Squad Member 03 - 'Trent', Ember, and Fracture's fractured face!

Live a lie, live a lie, live a lie.


I have quite a bit to cover today so let us see what I can blow through.
First, I am not only doing better but I was never really sick. I was in fact, lying. I pretended I was unwell because I found what turned out to be a drug filled cylinder thing in my room and I wanted to prompt who ever did it to act.

I was a little surprised by who actually showed up. Fracture did this of all people. I didn’t give him a chance to explain. I bashed his face in with the can thingy and then opened it in his face. He started babbling and shit. I locked him in his hotel room until he sobered back up. He was rather bitter when he came down from that. I had never seen Fracture glare before. He is like a giant pouty little girl. I couldn’t figure out if he was more upset at me or at himself for failing as hard as he did, my money is on himself.

He stopped his leering when he realized it wasn’t working. Went back to that irritating grin of his…

Fracture also showed up with my final squad member who was instrumental in locking Fracture in his own room. I don’t know who he is. He refuses to take his mask off, which I can respect. I use to do that. I figure he must be someone that I literally burned at some point which is far too many people to start guessing at. He also doesn’t talk or really do anything. He just sits there staring at shit. It’s definitely not whisper, whisper was taller.

He and Firecracker seem to be getting along. In the way that he will just sit there and stare at her and she’ll talk at him for like an hour. I had forgotten how much she liked to talk before I destroyed her life. Glad I have a shell of man to sit in front of her for her to talk to. Although, I think he’s just going to snap at some point and start beating the shit out of her.

Can’t ever really tell what’s going to happen with the quiet ones. I mean, they say still waters run deep but I hear there is nothing but weird shit in the Mariana Trench. I’ll have to keep an eye on him.
I think I’m going to call him Trent.

In other news, I slipped off to go truck flipping with my friend Ember and her partner west. I think they thought I was going to hit West with the truck. I seriously just wanted to flips some trucks. We flipped two trucks on top of each other and lit that bitch on fire. I was a fun group outing. I think Ember really needed it too. Ember’s been rather depressed again…

So I bested Fracture, got the rest of my squad together, and got to spend the afternoon doing stupid shit with my best friend.

It’s been a great week.
Swan Out!


  1. Thankyou for inviting us.
    It was extremely fun.
    I am sorry about being depressed.
    I am glad you and West got along so well.

    1. West is kind of a pain in the ass but he seems like a good enough guy.
      He's a proxy, a good one. He knows what comes first.

    2. Double comment!

      And you're welcome, I had fun too, and I hope you're feeling better.

    3. I was going to say explosions, but that response works too.

  2. Good things never last, Duck.
    And it's never a good idea to try and outwit those who are most likely constantly outwitting you...

    1. Not like I knew it was him when I set up the trap, but it being him didn't stop me from springing it on him when he was the one who showed up.

      ... I have no illusions that this good streak will last. Time to work.

  3. And how is Chessie's mug holding up?

    Btw, truck tipping sounds insanely fun, haha.

    1. Fracture is doing better. I think the crazy son of a bitch might actually be please with the whole affair. Firecracker tells me he wasn't just grinning when I was around to bug me. It's good to have someone around to tattle on Fracture for me.

      Oh, and truck flipping is fun but difficult. My advise? Bring semi-trustworthy people for it. Hope they don't let the truck come down on you.

  4. Wow, sounds like a fun filled day. Did you round it off by going to the cinema and having a slumber party?

    1. Like I can trust anyone to sleep in the same room as me these days. We blew more shit up, and then I went home.

      Besides, I'm not much of a movie guy. Something about voluntarily sitting in a dark place for an hour with your attention fixated on one thing never sat well with me.
      Probably because that is stupid.