Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Fuck, Fuck.
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.

I umm… I couldn’t do it. There, I said it.

To my great fucking misfortune, Fracture is right. It would be wrong to do that to her for my own sake. She at the very least deserves as much as I got, a sentencing. If it is then determined to be the master’s will that she dies, so be it. But it should be for Him, not for me. It is not my job to decide who lives and die, only to carry it out once it is determined.

[Good to see you haven’t forgotten why you’re being punished in the first place.]

How are you… typing while I’m typing?

[You got this laptop from us remember? Now why don’t you tell them why you’re being so nice? Can’t have then believing you’ve grown a heart now can we?]

You always have to twist the knife… don’t you Fracture?

[It’s why I’m here subject 926. Now why don’t you tell them?]

I killed her brother. [How about giving them a little more than that?] She was the kindest proxy I had ever met before that. [Now that’s too far back. You’re not even trying are you? :D] Do you want me to do this or not you dick? [Yeah, fine. Whatever.] I met her and her brother in that so called war I lost my entire squad to. Back then she never killed. She didn’t have to. Her brother did all the dirty work for her. Her job was to play with the dead to create a scene more gruesome than what actually happened. She was very good at it. Her favorite was finger painting the blood on the wall. That’s apparently why they called her Picasso, after some famous painter. [But you ruined that didn’t you?] I can hear you taping away on your little phone shithead. I will find and throw this at you! [:D] Yeah, fuck you too.

Yes, fine. I ruined it. [You’re skipping parts again.] ,-l-- [What… is that?] It’s about as close as I can get to a middle finger. Moving on! Umm… right, I ruined her life. Unlike me, who went solo as a ‘collector’ afterwards, they stayed together with what was left of their own squad at their old post and were reinforced with fresh meat.  One day, roughly a year later, I get called in by personal request by Picasso’s brother. [This is really his fault, eh?] Shut up. Not stopping. Talking. So he called me in to help deal with a pack of runners who had made a nuisance of themselves. Seems he still didn't trust the new meat. [But it’s the old meat you have to worry about isn’t it?] Said the forty something year old to the teenager.

[Can we wrap this up? This stopped being fun about a paragraph ago.] You are welcome to fuck off at anytime.

So the operation was going fine at first. We cornered them. [Kinky.] The more confident among use rushed forth to deal with the cornered animals. I had my guy beat [Also kinky.] and I was going for the killing blow. What happened next was a complete accident. Picasso’s brother had apparently lost his footing and got shoved in front of me… and I ran him through. [And now it’s a three-way.] I could hear Picasso scream somewhere behind me. She had lost. [Oh I bet.] Shut it creeper. She went ape shit and came at me with everything she had. It took three people to hold her back and in the confusion the runners got away. I… just left. Every other week after that, she would find me. And every time she did she was angrier, more desperate, and far more practiced. But eventually she stopped showing up. I was told someone had finally put her down. [Yeah, lies are fun.] And that takes us to the present after some asshole told her where I was and what I looked like. [Some people man.]

And that leaves us with the question of what the fuck I’m supposed to do now.

[Why don’t you Subdue her? Moron.]

My expertise centers on killing things.

[That sounds entirely like a personal problem.]

Ok, why the fuck am I talking to a screen again? There needs to be far more of me punching you every time you say something stupid. Get down here. NOW!

[Fracture out.   ;D]

Oh no you don’t.
I’m breaking that rib.
Be sure to kiss it goodbye before I get there.


Post Note: You should have heard him scream.

Swan out.


  1. I would have made plenty of dirty jokes but it seems Fracture covered that. Amusing, very.

    If you aren't aiming to kill her, naturally the next step would be subduing. Even if your "expertise centers on killing things", it's rather easy to learn submission methods (no innuendo intended). Course, restraint is the hardest part. It always is~

    1. Restraint has never been one of my strong points...

    2. Ignorant to a subject? Learn it, adapt yourself to evolve into a better hunter. It's a useful thing, dear. Helps you survive longer, especially when you're facing off against those housing some useful bits of information. Are you not practicing restraint when you harm Fracture? You've damaged the fellow, but haven't killed him. You're already learning it, try applying it to others.

    3. Punching Fracture in the arm as hard as I can is about all I can do to not rip his jaw off. My version of restraint requires something get hurt and if it's not going to be her, it's me.

      This is completely foreign territory. I'm going to need to move completely out of my territory for this. You put a knife in my hand and instinct takes over...

      Wonder if I can beat her down with a marker?

    4. Don't put a knife in your hand then. No one says you can't hurt the target, you're bound to when trying to capture something that fights back. As long as you don't kill it or put it in a permanent coma state you should be good, no?

      I have a funny feeling you'd pull a tea cup move with that marker... Why not stick to basic capturing methods? Ambushing, traps, lure her with bait. Take out her legs and she can't run. Nets exist, the electrocuting ones are fun. Get creative without sharp objects. Got a good aim? Take out a leg with a bullet (shotguns not suggested, handguns preferable, and not Desert Eagles). Plenty of points to hit where it can easily heal with some time. Wait until she sleeps, get the handcuffs. Ha!

    5. I need to meditate on this and figure out what I can best adapt to given all that I know and am able to do. Time to practice on a homeless person.

      You have a point though. I won't be able to not hurt the target. I'll take the rest under advisement while I figure this out.

  2. You and your fucking typos. I swear, sometimes I think you do it on purpose.

    Oh. Also. Fracture's showing the fact he's smarter than you, more and more. ;D

    1. Fracture is a forty year old with a doctorate and proficient medical knowledge. I'm a self taught teenager who dropped out of school after the second grade.

      Fracture might be a little bit smarter then me.

    2. Does this not worry you?

    3. It doesn't matter, I can't change it.
      I know myself and I have a fair grasp on my mission here.

      Everything else will just have to be dealt with as it comes.

  3. Now. I don't usually try to help out idiots... But have you considered a Taser? You know? Just shock her until she is more docile and easily taken in?

    1. Close quarters, small, and effective. That might hold promise. I think I'll test that out on Fracture and see if I can't wipe that grin off his face.

  4. Swan, please, be careful. I can't see this ending well at all.
    ... "Fracture", this is a cowardly move. Give him some time to himself, at least. Or make your own bloody posts. Seems as if you're trying to incite him...

    1. I'm definitely not going to rush this Jojo. I just need to practice.

    2. Oh look at that. My name gets quotes now. Adorable. You should also italicize it.
      That aside, I gave him nearly a week to himself with absolutely no supervision to deal with Picasso. I think he's had about enough free time since he spent that week not killing Picasso.

      I must admit, however, that I probably handled the situation poorly. It is really hard to deny that with a broken rib.


  5. I bet she misses her brother. Ohhhh, I HAVE AN IDEA! You should kill her! That would be a blessing I bet. C:

  6. Dude, how do you get that typing thing to work out? Oh, all the shit I could pull on Messi with something like that.

    Get chloroflorm. Works most times.

    1. I'm going to have to say no to the chloroform. I've had bad luck with chemicals in the passed. I'll leave the drugging to Fracture if that ever becomes an absolute necessity.

    2. It's a complicated piece of software. It's mostly used in monitoring. You could requisition it but the paperwork for anything they don't give you is a nightmare. Even then it's typically a tool reserved for handler level personal and up.

    3. Monitoring? You mean Tempest could be watching my computer at any time?

      Fuck. I've got porn on there.

    4. No. Not like that. You do NOT know my handler.

      ew ew ew ew ew.

    5. I've heard a few things about 'Tempest', rumors mostly.

      I'm hoping some of them are true. :D

    6. You are one sick puppy, sir.