Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mind Games

“La, la la.”
I can hear something is the background.
“La, la la, la la.”
I can hear something other than the children singing.
“La, la la. La la, la la, la.”
It sounds a little something like:
“S- &u*h t_ #e#”

No, that wasn’t coherent…
It doesn’t matter though. My concentration on the matter was broken when my annoying therapist started jabbing his elbow in my side. I return the favor by slugging him in the arm.

“See those two over there?” he says pointing at a man and a woman. “That’s Elaine and Elliott.”

He felt my grip tighten and my teeth grit a bit as soon as I heard that. I needed to fight my hatred though, if for no other reason than because I was pretty sure Fracture was lying to me. He’s taken to saying things to gauge my reaction lately. It’s annoying. I slugged him again.

“Creeper. Which one are you eyeing?” I teased him.
“One?” he responded.

I couldn’t tell if he was joking. I think this was also him trying to gauge a reaction. I was so done with his stupid little mind game. So I forced the situation into something I had a little more control over. I pulled out my mask and held it where the couple could see. They must have been runners. They booked it into their car and left. I guess if that was actually them I’ll find out with a comment.

“We should get going too,” I said putting the mask away and heading to the car.
“That’s exactly the kind of shit that you keep getting in trouble for,” he informed me.
“That is exactly the kind of shit that will keep happening when you try to fuck with me,” I said slugging him again.
“Now shut it and drive.”

And then things went back to being quiet…
“La, la la…”


  1. Bahaha. Why do you hate me, hon?

    1. I... don't know.
      I hate so many things I don't always need a reason. I'm just going to group that hate under proxy and call it good.

    2. Bull. Really think about it. You're a proxy, but there's no reason you can't know your own mind.

    3. You're a traitor and need to be run through.

      No offense.

    4. Quite the opposite. He took a deal to get me free. Now he's trying to get me back. I'm under no obligation but his desire-and the way he treated me last time?
      I wasn't like you, I wasn't given my own will. He warped my mind into something unrecognizable, no better than one of those mindless drones.
      I don't want that again. I just want to keep being /me/.

    5. You do seem to have broke him. He wandered off talking to himself.

      "Uncontrolled proxies must me dealt with."
      "The flame does not oppress."
      "But the order stand-"

      And it goes on like that. Fascinating.

    6. Not my intention, I assure you.

    7. He's better now. His response on the matter consisted of this.

      "Still hate her."

    8. And I still want to know why

    9. He stopped talking to me when I tried to get a reason... and slugged me when I pressed for one.

  2. Keep on rolling then, guys.

    Swan, have you ever tried listening to music to drown out the singing in your head?

    1. I try that sometimes but it's like trading a knife wound for a gun shot wound. I'm still wounded. Somethings still going to be stuck in my mind.

    2. How about symphonic music? It's a lot harder to get stuck in your head, and a lot easier to just listen to. And if that's too classical for you, chillstep is a great genre too.

    3. I'll look into it but I don't think it'll help much.

    4. It's worth a try, man. Seriously. Youtube search for the artist called Blackmill. Some good songs are Rain, Spirit of Life, Miracle, and Sacred River.

      It's enough to mellow out anyone.

    5. I'll consider it. No promises.

      Oh, and stay positive. Haven't said that in a while.

    6. Sometimes I swear, you are difficult for difficulty's sake. .-.

      And I'm staying positive. >_< Hell, I got my head to stop throbbing. That's reason enough to be geeked beyond belief.

    7. Oh yes. I'm just overflowing with positivity, heh.

  3. So VIOLENT. I swear, you'd think you were trying to use violence to cover up your own insecurities.