Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Apparently This Shit is Back Now?

So, there are people posting shit on blogs again. I generally think it's a dumbass thing to do, posting what you're doing and shit where everyone who wants to kill you can see it, but whatever. If she thinks it's worth it, that's her own business, I guess. I've got more important shit to worry about. And the only reason I'm coming back here is because it may actually be useful to spread the word, for once. Plus, I've got broken ribs so the amount of useful things I can do is pretty limited at the moment.

See, everything has been fragmented for years. That's not news. After the whole damn beuracracy thing collapsed, there have only been pockets of organization. There are lots of small cells, lots of solo proxies, and a few bigger groups trying to manage the chaos as best we can. The Free Market, the Rose's court, whatever the hell Tempest has been up to these days, that group in Australia that never talks to anyone... Everyone's kind of slowly expanding to fill the vacuum. There's been very little cooperation or contact in a long time. And that's been fine. Who cares? Shit doesn't need to be standardized.

But now we might could do with some cooperation. And everyone needs to be warned.

About a year ago, Ivan went down in a fight with some Archangel cultists. The bastard showed up himself. It was a nightmare of a fight, in this stupid shitty motel. A rescue operation, gone a bit wrong. I mean, we got the people back, but we lost Ivan. We all thought he was dead. That would've been way fucking better than what actually happened to him.

A lot of you have probably been hearing rumors about a 'new dread lord'. The old one was Ivan's dad. A sick bastard, by all accounts. But he was a proxy. The new one is what's left of Ivan, brainwashed by the Archangel. We've lost a lot of good people to him and his damn hypnotic bullshit. I don't know how he does it, but he can lure just about anyone away to work for him. And he seems to be particularly interested in anyone he worked with or cared about while he was alive. That's a problem, considering he was a liason to a lot of other groups.

I'm... working on how to stop him. I don't want to get too much into the details at the moment, because honestly even I'm not sure at this point how it's going to work. But lets just say Ivan's not the only one with some upgrades. That are apparently potentially apocalyptic, but for now I'm just focusing on the fact that they might be what is needed to win. Sloth can get into that shit if he wants there to be more of an explanation. I'm not really a lore sort of person. I'm more into the action.

Consider this a warning, from the top of the Free Market. He can penetrate loops. We've never found anyone he couldn't brainwash (though we have found a way to reverse the effect). We're not sure what he wants, exactly, but he definitely wants to take over proxy territory and proxy organizations for his new master. If you ever worked with Ivan, watch your ass. Even if you haven't, watch your ass anyway.


  1. We may not see eye to eye on Sanctuary, but you and yours are always welcome there. And my email is posted if you need help, regardless.

  2. Oh jeezums, you, too?

  3. Surprised you still have the breath to spew out your filthy fucking lies after I crush your ribs you titless sow. I'm was not brainwashed by the archangel! That's convenient propaganda to slander my good name. I'm still a proxy and I've been issued a glorious task by Father himself. I'm rebuilding the old Bureaucracy. You filthy fucking heretics will burn! The Market will crash, the Order will be strewn into chaos, and the Rose will be wilted and burned.

    Repent now while you still have the chance as so many of the underlings I've 'stolen' from beneath you desperate lot have already done.

    On your knees and service me!

  4. Why is everyone crawling out from the shadows now? Can't an immortal live like a hermit in peace?