Monday, December 15, 2014

No More

This is an official declaration of sovereignty. I, and the rest of the Fire Cult, have suffered for far to long under the doomed leadership of the incompetent Lord Betrayer, the lazy piece of shit, Sloth. I would link examples of his short comings but it's every post on this blog since he took over.

He immediately singled out his body guard, the poor angry bitch that took over his old job, Nat by keeping her out of the loop and going over her head on matters with out so much as a mention or any degree of consulting. During this period of  disarray he used Nat's refusal to work with him to convince Fracture to come back and take over things while he was fixing what he broke. But he didn't fix what he broke. 

With Fracture busy doing both Sloth's and Nat's job, Sloth ran off and branded Fracture's soon to be newest recruit for no other reason than to piss Fracture off screwing over's Fracture's ward in the processes by using him as a patsy and making him an accomplice for no other reason that to get him in trouble and further infuriate Fracture.

I'm sure it surprises no one that Fracture abandoned us again under the weight of all this senseless harassment. But it didn't end there. Jack, Fracture's ward, came back for revenge and near fatally injured Sloth. In my eyes, and in most peoples eyes, I think its fair to say Sloth got off pretty easy. He deserved nothing short of death at this point and he damn well knows it. So what did he have his dog Nat post in response to his failed assassination attempt? Threats, challenging Jack to try it again.

And what did he immediately do when he got better? He threw a stupid fucking party for Moth's shameful abandonment of his oath. Maggot certainly had the right idea last night. One does not simply get to abandon their vows and Moth certainly got off easy... far easier than Sloth will be getting off. I'm going kill him.

He has no honor. He has no remorse, He attacks those hes supposed to be working with and acts like a victim when her gets what he deserves for it. I will not be his bitch like Nat, so willing to forgive and take orders.

I can see that Fracture didn't give Sloth this position out of mutual respect. He did it because its hard work. Because its dangerous work. Because it will eat him alive. And by god, I will see Fracture's will done.

I declare us, the Fire Cult, the our own active body in the Free Market answering only to Fracture and Father himself. And further more, I decree Sloth to be unworthy of his title of head CEO of the Free Market. He will be stripped of his undeserved title and burned until only bones remain so that I may replace him.

Brace yourself Betrayer. The Fire is coming.


  1. So I should kill you on sight? Got it. Cunt.

  2. forgive my ignorance, but I have never heard of you guys before. The Fire cult huh. ? Interesting. once again forgive my intrusion into these matters. I like to keep up on all those, like myself. ~ Typo

    1. You, child, are not like us. We serve the Pale King, the Father of Fears, the Slender Man.

      You are vermin. And you will burn like vermin. As will all of Father's enemies.

  3. To my understanding, my mistress and your father do not have any grudges, then again who am I but a messenger class servant.