Friday, August 15, 2014

Command Me to be Well

Hmm... Lets not dive right into this one.

I know, lets start with a short side story. A little follow up. I mean, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't detail to you fine folks my latest suicide attempt right? It is, after all, my job to get myself killed doing stupid shit. I use to have some asshole that I liked to delegate that off to but hes off trying to kill me too so fuck him.

Less stalling, more reporting.

I went to go visit the Smiling Man. Now, I don't consider the smiling man to be a 'real' fear. I'm pretty sure hes an aspect of a far more powerful fear manifesting itself as its own independent entity. What does this really mean to you, the average proxy or runner? Nothing. As far as you are concerned, hes just another monster that is to be avoided least it be allowed to claim your soul.

To myself, fire cultists, and other insane assholes that actively combat Fear's and their cults it means everything. It means you could, given some ingenuity and some quick thinking actually hold your own against Mr. Smiles. At least long enough to get the fuck out of there. I don't think anyone is quite capable to stomaching the battle of attrition it would take to actually force him back. But hey, in a lot of situations its enough that you can actually slow him down. Not something you can do to must fears. Father, for example, can plow right through just about anything. When Father comes, just run.

I have a lot of thoughts on why the Smiling man is just so different from many of his siblings. Sloth did a good job of summarizing them here.

And as long as I'm linking that blog, its worth mentioning that I tried to make this visit because of what happened here.

Notice that I said 'tried'. I managed to find the tree Nat was talking about in that post. I could tell because it was the only tree covered in bright color flowers with ashy black leaves. It stuck out like a sore thumb. I intended to have a nice little chat with the Smiling one but he was gone. Seems he didn't stay ripped in half for long. Just as well. Its also worth noting here that I've stolen that tree. I had it pulled up by it's roots and replanted in it's own loop. We'll see what becomes of it.

As a final aside, I'm curious how many of you are interested in my theories and the data I've collected. I've considered making a blog dedicated to my theories and findings but who would ever trust a proxy right?
Moving on.

Now for the main event. Whisper is all healed up and back in his right mind. Hes giving orders and brainwashing people once more. Duckie has returned to peek killing condition. He use to beat Picasso and Moth's ass so even with his memory issues he should be more than enough to take both of them on his own. Whisper should be able to talk the rest of their group into submission. Duckie's very presence can force Father away. And I just got done bleaching a brand new cowboy hat so I look spiffy as shit. No one can stop me right now and I aim to prove it! Picasso its time we settled this. Meet us on the roof Duckie tried to kill you on so long ago. I'm sure you remember where that is right? The roof I saved you from when he threw your ass over the ledge you ungrateful bitch. This is a one time offer. Don't keep me waiting.

... Final aside. Rumors that I have completely lost control of my hollow's and the Mask cult due to conflicting interests with Father are completely false. Everything is copacetic. I haven't lost control of them. I locked them in their respective loops until matters can be settled.

Your lord and Guardian, Fracture, out!


  1. Sounds like you lost control to me. See you soon, motherfucker

    1. See you then, you soon to be hollowed bitch.

  2. Well, if that isn't a suspiciously specific denial. Lost control of one kind and substituted it for one a lot less useful, by the sounds of it.

    1. Eh. At the worst they'll only be useless for the next year or so. Less than optimal but necessary. We need Duckie for the sacrifice. Father is just being incredibly impatient.