Monday, January 21, 2013

Curse Your Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal

I'm afraid nothing looks good from here. Not anymore.

This is a notice addressing those associated with the Free Market and operating within the confines of the New York Division. To a much lesser extent, this notice is also addressing associates of the Free Market in a more global sense as the far reaching ramifications of these events are yet unknown.

As previously reported in my personal operations blog, there was an incident just outside of Austin, Texas shortly after midnight. Someone aided the escape of Picasso and Moth and slaughtered 8 hollows and 2 agents in the process. 

There is, however, no more need to wonder about who helped them escape. An ungrateful party among those rescued let the cat out of the bag.

It was 'Nee-chan' and 'Theta', foot soldiers of what remains of the New York Division of the Bureaucracy and by extension we must assume responsibility for their actions falls upon their handler, Tempest, or the mad man behind the curtain, Justice.

Were the NYD's actions justified? 

I will admit the NYD expressed great disdain over the services we were providing within the NYD's territory when they first realized the Free Market's influence had spread to them. But you have to understand, we thought the Bureaucracy was dead. I was both thrilled and horrified to find Father's little Angel of Death had left entire cells alive and operational. Untouched even. So I negotiated a little exchange of information with Tempest to ensure they would know of my dealings within their region in case any of them proved pertinent and so I could know of their field operations to avoid any nasty little mishaps like sending two agents to deal with one threat.

I also understand they were rather cross about me bringing David's status to light. How was I to know they had no idea David had gone rogue? You think they might have noticed that. So I once again apologized and offered to let them sit in on my next meeting with David. Tempest politely declined my invitation to spend the afternoon with a rapist.

And maybe, just maybe, all this has something to do with my personal request to have a camera observe TE-119H on the extremely off chance that she might some day wake up out of my own personal silent hope that the data collected from that process might give us the insight we need to help reawaken other hollows.

But I can't imagine that has anything to do with his. I mean, after I brought the question before Justice and he declined, he informed me that if I wanted to be trusted I would need to show some respect and back off. And I did and I can't imagine for a second that this is JUSTICE'S way of showing me mutual TRUST and RESPECT after I so kindly backed down.

So once more, were the NYD's actions Justified?

As Picasso likes to say:


So to those of you who have become dependent on the Free Market and are unfortunate enough to be operating within the NYD's influence, I urge you to move. Should you find yourself unable or otherwise unwilling to do so and insist on continuing your operation where you are, I feel for you and regret the potential harm your association with the Free Market may be bringing down on you. In light of this, such brave souls will be receiving a slight monetary bonus for assignments completed in the NYD's region until these hostilities can be sorted.

For everyone else associated with the Free Market, I issue caution. While the NYD's influence covers only a small chunk of the USA, they attacked us in Texas. That's a good seven states away from home for them and as this attack came with no threats, demands, or warning, there is no way to know what they may be planning. You are all at risk.

That said, both Justice and I are incredibly reasonable and sane adults who are more than capable of sorting this out without the need for further bloodshed. I once again apologize to all of you and I promise this whole conflict will be put to rest, shortly.

Fracture out.

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