Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Violent Return

If your reading this I hate you. Change the page. Now.

The following was the first time I had reported in for over two years. It also doubled as an informal "Form for Apology." In addition to being forced to start a blog for 'monitoring purposes', as further punishment the first posting in this had to include this report in what I must assume is an effort to shame me.

Damn it. Damn it, damn it, damn it. How is that even fucking possible. The only thing I haven ever fucking loved taken. God damned moster. Terrible fucking monster.

... Before I did dig my grave any deeper, this is proxy number 09260... fuck. Two whole years without this shit. Designation "Ugly Duck" checking in.   ...Verification? Something in my file, something in my file... 11 proxy kills, 106 runner kills, 43 misc.

Confirmed, yay.
This is apparently formally rouge asset "Ugly Duck" checking in on behalf of who ever the hell it is you people sent to recover me. He's very dead now as well as the four other people who I assume were living in the room next to him. The building was torched, current location is editted. Incase he never got a chance to report in, I'm in shit shape. Four stab wounds. One stitched. I apparently ripped the other three open killing the man who recovered me.

Request of Information.
I would like to know why I was recovered at all. I was pretty sure you assholes didn't do that forgiving thing. I would also like to know if you assbags know anything about what was taken from me. That's a pretty fucking sick way of punishing me and I want it back.

Cursing and all the disrespect each and every one of you deserves aside, this is me issuing an apology in hopes of creating more paper work for you as per protocol... I assume. It's been two years and I don't know what the current freaking protocol is.
I apologize for abandoning my position, duties, and protocol to pursue a personal vendetta after I was specifically told not to dispite the fact that I deserve that kill. I apologize for going crazy with rage during that two year hunt causing me to kill 5 proxies that inhindsight were simply trying to help me in one form or the another. I however do not appologize for killing the 3 who were specifically sent to kill me after the other 5 incidents. I apologize for the unreasonable amount of exposure my method's over those two years must have caused.
I am at your mercy and accept any punishment deemed necessary.
Even the loss of the thing I loved.

Reason for Late/Unscheduled Report
Abandoned my post, went on an unauthorized hunt/killing spree, was stabbed to death by prey, somehow woke up, wants what is mine back. Oh, and is sorry. Restitching time.

If you have read this far your high on my shit list.
On a more recent note things have started going blurry in one eye and I can't seem to stitch myself for shit.
If I die, know that I hate you.


  1. Sounds like you've got some bad shit going on, man. And now I quit reading because you told me to.

    1. Excellent. Hope that works on my bosses.
      On a secondary note I would, congradulations on making it to the shit list first.

  2. *you're, *this, I , *in over, *fucking possible?, *have ever fucking loved, taken, *God damn, *apparently the formal, *rogue, *very dead now, , *In case, *of punishing me, and I want it back, *for you, as per protocol, *abandoning (my) position and/ or duties, *in hindsight, *methods, *wants(s), *is/ am, *read this far, , *you're, *more recent note, and, additionally, * congratulations (I would like to congratulate you on...).

    If you're trying to stick it to the Highers, this isn't going to do much good. I see absolutely no reason why I should be placed upon your "shit list", however. You did, after all, comment on my blog. To put it simply, you were effectively asking for it, like a puppy seeking attention.

    Either way, I'd suggest you be careful about who you make enemies out of.

    1. I wwould have argued some oint last night but yor probablly right. Rgight in the way that they saw thiis and theatened to call the dooctor thy had been sending to see me bback.

  3. How do shit lists work? Is there like actual poop on the paper? That doesn't seem very safe.

    The Mad Ventriloquist does know what a list is. He is just verry drunk right now.

    Anyway, The Ma Ventriloquist is glad to meet Swan. Or ugly duck. Or both! It's both@

    He hopes things turn out well for he/she/it.

    1. Sommething coser to being witten on a piece oof paer and then yur in shit.
      Also I hatte ny desgination bt your tehcniclly correct. I wuold perfer sawn thogh.

  4. Your spelling is atrocious, and you don't even have the excuse TMV had of being drunk.

    Really, get it together and learn to use spell check. For fuck's sake, Opera and Firefox do it automatically.